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There's a Learning Curve

By Vickilane
There's a Learning Curve
 So, yesterday I made  two dozen big fluffy onion rolls and, getting ready to freeze most of them, realized that I had no freezer bags. "Never fear," says I. "I'll use my whiz bang FoodSaver and vacuum seal those rolls!"There's a Learning Curve
Oops. Vacuum sealing smushed them flat. An elementary grasp of physics should have told me this would happen---but I don't have an elementary grasp of physics. What I have are six flat breads.  There's a Learning Curve Oh, well, at least they'll fit in the toaster.  The other eighteen, I simply heat sealed. But it occurs to me that if I had frozen  the rolls first, I could probably have used the vacuum function.Always learning . . .There's a Learning Curve Posted by Picasa

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