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There Are No Road Signs To This Town

By Ingridd @cosytraveler

Between our hotel at the Bosnian coast and our next destination, we had to cover about 350 kilometers. Lars and I calculated that the drive would take us about 3 – 4 hours. However, we were faced with a couple of problems:

  • For some bizarre reason, our GPS device guided us back to Croatia and then again to Bosnia. At the border, we lost about an hour.
  • Not all roads towards our destination were motorways, so driving 100 – 120 kilometers an hour all the time was impossible.
  • Our GPS only works in the west of Bosnia, but not in the east (which was our destination).
  • We got lost in Sarajevo.
  • And 50 kilometers before we reached our destination there were no more road signs.

We had chosen a place that is not touristic at all. It is really off the beaten track. And it is a place, I think, that people would like to forget. It is Srebrenica.

But it is hard to forget what happened here. During the Bosnian War (1992 – 1995), it first became a place of refuge. And then a place of death. One of the worst massacres since World War II took place here.

Lars had been here in 2007. He had come from Serbia – Srebrenica is close to the Serbian border and although it was only a short distance, he had difficulties finding it. When he finally did, he saw a place mostly in ruins, but in the middle of town there was a nightclub. He even had a drink there. How surreal…

And now it’s 6 years later, we are in the middle of nowhere, driving on dirt roads and looking for this town. At 7 pm we reached our goal.

The nightclub is still there. A couple of motels and restaurants have been built as well. But the scars of the war are still there.

There Are No Road Signs To This Town
There Are No Road Signs To This Town
There Are No Road Signs To This Town

There Are No Road Signs To This Town

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