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Then and Now...

By Misslara16 @misslara

This post is a semi rant, I'm sure we all have these thoughts... well you are in luck I will help you express your mind.
When we were younger, we were told a lot of things. some of those things I have found today to be just a load of crap that parents, teachers and Sunday school teachers who don't want to scratch the surface made up.  I will mention just a few.
First,  the notion that as a lady, if you keep yourself (that is, remain a virgin) your man will adore you... Lie! you keep yourself because that's the will of God for you, our bodies should give him glory and that why we should not give into sexual sins. If you keep yourself and get with the wrong man for you I'm sorry honey but no adoration for you.
Second, If you do this.... God will love you more.. Excuse me, you don't buy Gods love he loves you regardless... the bible reiterates that;' when we were yet sinners he has loved us'. God does not love us for the things we do or do not do, he doesn't know how not love us even when when we feel like we don't deserve it. John 3 :16  
Let me just stop here for now.... will continue at a later time. Comments are very welcome... share your thoughts.

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