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The Write Stuff

By Lollicious @lollicious
The Write Stuff
I love a good writing challenge and thoroughly enjoyed The Lets Write posts created by Melinda from Mumma In Heels , She has has graciously handed over the ‘Let’s Write’ weekly blog post  to Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes who tweaked and rejigged and came up with Write Stuff. 
This theme for this weeks sensational challenge is “Celebrate Your Inner Princess“
I am my daddys little princess, and have been called princess by many a co-worker and I take it as a compliment. 
* I am obsessed with jewels and pink, I love to accessorize and dress up.I own a million party frocks although I rarely go out anymore.. I do wear dresses more than once but I need to change the look every time and must have a new frock for every special occasion * I am beauty obsessed, hair obsessed and polish obsessed. I love to feel polished and dressed up. I change my look constantly and love to have fun. I am currently growing out my hair after a Bob cut (NEVER AGAIN) please stop me if I ever start talking of a lob, bob or shorter do... I rarely have unpolished nails on my mits and love to have a face of make-up to give me confidence * I am extremely persuasive, much like Sonia from Shes Sonic Link Here I also find people want to help me and do the things I want, go where I like and help me.. I also like to think that people are so helpful because I have good manners, am kind and smile allot. hmmmnnnn My Dad says I have always had a skill at being Bossy and getting my own way being persuasive, love you Dad.. * I believe in Happy endings and fairy tales. I have my prince and we live in our own little Castle. I am a realist I know that men dont ride around on white horses and live in real Castles but with a little imagination your life is a fairy tale. I live in a fairy tale world with my Prince and we will have a happy ending to our story. Your turn, What are your Princess Ways? xxx

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