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the Wonderfully Wicked World of Pam

Posted on the 25 June 2011 by Kbo @VampPerfection

the Wonderfully Wicked World of Pam Bon Temps is full of baddies, but vampire Pam has been one of the most terrifying — and consistently funny — characters on HBO’s ‘True Blood’ (Season 4 premieres Sun., June 26 at 9PM). We have actress Kristin Bauer to thank for that.

A background character who’s stolen almost every scene she’s been in, Bauer told AOL TV that this is Pam’s year to shine.

“This year, the main thing that I felt was that I got to play her really edgy. It’s a really different side of Pam. We haven’t seen it, we’ve suspected it, but she hasn’t been unleashed ever. This year I feel is her most raw.”

Witches come to Bon Temps and turn Pam’s world upside-down, but Bauer told us we’ll see Pam get in on the action with a fighting style that resembles that of a “feral monkey.”

“I discovered how little of a chess player — a strategist — she is,” Bauer said. “She’s a reacter. Also, we already did see when her maker is in trouble, she jumps right in. I was going to say ‘and asks questions later,’ but she doesn’t even do that.”

Bauer wasn’t shy about the bonuses of playing the oh-so-fabulous vampire. She also dished Pam blog ideas, behind-the-scenes fun and the blooper reel we hope fans will see one day.

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