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The Windows of Heaven Are Open

By Jenrene


I remember a time when it seemed like all hell broke loose in my life. I was working three jobs, barely making rent, I was in the process of getting divorced, lonely for companionship, I had JUST relocated to a new city, it appeared my friends had estranged me…even my closest ones, I felt so alone. I was trying to find myself.

But the windows of heaven were open.

Has someone come and told me this at the time, I would’ve laughed in their faces and possibly even became quite angry.
But manna fell, that summer. Quite possibly the worst year of my life as an adult….it fell.
What is manna? Well if you look it up in the Hebrew and Greek concordance it is defined as : ” What is it?” I thought that was pretty funny, when I read it.
Manna looks pretty confusing when you have never seen it before. Yet it was the beginning of something profound God used to teach the Children of Israel to rid leanness their souls.
God did this with me that year, and I feel as if I am in such a place again. At the end if that year…after all my trials, I found my life mate and we began a journey together. A little over a year later, I had moved out west and was about to marry him.
This year, in 2013 I am settling into myself and my new life. A life I asked God for several years ago…to own my own time. Answered prayer. The windows of heaven are open. But when it came… I resisted. I cried, I complained, I didn’t beleive it. And..I didn’t receive it.
It took about five months to let go, because I thought I really liked where I was. But God had something better.
I started writing this post several months ago, upon the revelation that heaven was open…and now I am able to walk in the grace of it.

My point? Sometimes answered prayer will come but we won’t recognize it because it looks like manna. Hmmm….

Check your life and surroundings and ask yourself: “Am I resisting manna? Is that why everything is so amazingly challenging in right now?”

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