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The Willingness to Be Vulnerable…

By Jenrene

I saw THE BEST  interview on Oprah with one of my most favorite artists this week! I really   should have seen it a week ago. But this was my tweet today…

Whole-hearted living CANNOT exist in the space of SHAME……

— JennRene Owens (@JenRene2010) March 28, 2013

I really  haven’t read Brene’  Brown’s book called  Daring Greatly. But it’s my next buy…  One  must know how shame holds you back from  YOUR DREAMS. I  really   have found that my best self lies in the fact I don’t allow my shame to  make decisions for me.  Of course, I have shame. I have dealt with some things in life I am not very happy about, but I overcame them because I placed the shame someplace else in stead of choosing to  carry its weight. However, I find myself when I reach for my fullest potential. So it’s all good, if you want to get beyond  imperfections, shame and to finally get to COURAGE, then you must take time to work on yourself, and change some of those “thought distortions” that get in the way.

Here in this video on Oprah,   ( I hope she never this post down…Brene’  says   Stuart Brown defines  PLAY as  :” Time spent without purpose.”

Imagine that!  Where we  find We often feel so guilty, we forget to have fun and not be on task. We live in such a task-oriented society, we miss the point of nurturing ourselves and taking time for PLAY.   best at dusk (2)

I love that she says “Cool is the emotional straight jacket.”

Wow, that means you can  kill yourself trying to be COOL.. imagine that, and I used to love the COOL guys…  (Crazy!)

Just wanted to share Brene. Check her and Oprah out, and then.. if you miss the link above, JUST GO TO  HER WEBSITE.

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