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The Weird Way Red Wine Fight Cavities

Posted on the 06 June 2014 by Health_news

The Weird Way red wine fight cavities

Red wine has been found to offer a lot of advantages. In the long list of benefits provided by red wine, one more benefit seems to have found a prominent position that is, fighting cavities. There is no death of people who consume red wine with dinner every day and enjoy immense benefits. Preventing cavities is one of them as has been indicated by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The impact of red wine in preventing cavities came into light when researchers conducted a study where they grew cultures of all those bacteria that are considered to be responsible for a variety of dental diseases. They were then dipped into various liquids like red wine with an extract of grape seed, red wine without any alcohol and pure red wine and water with 12 percent ethanol. It was found that these bacteria were got ridden of in the most effective manner when dipped with red wine with the extract of grape seed and with or without alcohol. This proves that red wine do have an impact on the dental problems and can help in getting rid of dental cavities.

In a study conducted by certain Spanish researchers, Pinot Noir was used besides a de-alcoholized version of alcohol. Five volunteers were used to collect samples of saliva and to see the impact on dental cavities.

The decay in a tooth starts when certain types of bacteria found in the mouth adds with biofilms which are bacteria communities that are quite hard to kill and ultimately forming plaque that damages teeth. It also results in producing harmful acids. The effect of fluoride rinses and brushing has limited effect and certain anti-microbial rinses can also change the gum color making it less and less people going for it. This led the researchers to keep on looking for better alternatives which are more appealing to the people. In the course of the study, red wine was found to be quite effective on teeth related issues. The effectiveness of this product depends on the time it stays on the teeth. It is referred to as substantivity. Wine comes with high substantivity and one can easily see the stains on the teeth when it is consumed. When red wine combined with antioxidants that are found in the seeds of the grapes, red wines becomes all the more effective in killing teeth bacteria.

The effect of antioxidants present in the red wine can help a lot while working to reduce cavities. Though, the downside of drinking red wine is gaining stained teeth, its advantage of reduced teeth cavities can prove to be quite helpful. If consumed in moderation, red wine can prove to be quite beneficial.

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