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The 'weighting' Game

By Rubytuesday
Apologies for posting so much these last few days
I am full of nervous energy and the only way to calm down is to write
I rang Imelda this morning
I got her voicemail so I left a message
She rang me back a short time later
I told her my decision
That I want to go in
She asked me when
I said Monday week
That would give me a full week to prepare myself
She said that if I went in on a Monday, then I would have to wait a whole week before starting the programme
She suggested that I go in next weekend
We agreed that Friday would be the best day
That would give me a couple of days to settle in
So she put my name on the list and now I just have to wait for a phonecall which will come Thursday or Friday morning
It's happening
It's actually happening
As I said I am a ball of anxiety
I don't know what to do with myself
My bag is packed already
Carefully selected clothes that won't restrict me as I gain weight
I am on high alert and the purging is out of control
I guess I am having 'The Last Supper'
As you know I won't be blogging when I go in but I will give a update at some point
This isn't my last post
Expect mucho posts in the next week
Please email me if you'd like the address of the hospital
Now I play the 'weighting' game........

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