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The Weekly Squeeze: ‘Eff-You-Hangover’ Juice

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

You want to know what I find to be really odd? When I was younger (totally over 21 though, wink wink) I used to be able to handle my booze. Going out Thursday/Friday/& Saturday, no hangover and no problem.

What the hell happened to me? I guess it’s just one of the things that happens when you get older… but even after 3 beers or a few glasses of wine, the following day is always hell. Pounding headache, chowing down on disgusting greasy food, glued to the couch watching an SVU marathon, and feeling sick to my stomach chugging gingerale all day long.

Not fun, nor very healthy.

Soooo…. when I woke up today with a sick wine headache, I decided to do something good for myself. Eating like shit all day, in the end, would just make me feel worse (& super guilty). I conjured up the energy to drag my lazy ass to the market and grabbed some fresh produce for a little juicing-experiment.

The result is a super ugly looking, moderate tasting, yet totally effective, hangover cure. If you can chug vodka sodas like they are your job, you can drink this juice no problem. It basically tastes like a super healthy Bloody Mary, sans the booze, obv.

P.S. I know hair of the dog technically means drinking after a night of drinking to rid yourself of a hangover. Seriously though, gag me. This is officially my new hair of the dog. 


Why this juice is your new hangover savior:

+ It’s full of vitamin A, Lycopene, & water. All things that get shot to shit after a long night of drinking.

+ The jalapeño will give your endorphins a big ole’ kick in the ass, which may be the key to getting you out of the house and being a part of society.

+ Ginger is the master when it comes to handling nausea.


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