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The Weekend Breakfast - Oven Pancake Recipe.

By Brightowngirl @Brightowngirl
Oven Pancake Recipe I wanted to start posting more recipes on here as I do love to cook when I get the time so I am going to try an make a conscious effort to make a new recipe once a week and write about it. (This may not happen when baby arrives though, well not for the first few months anyway haha)
I love breakfast, its my favorite meal of the day so when I have the time I like to go all out and make something delicious. I have had the Dorset Cereals The Breakfast Book for a while now and haven't made much from it so decided that I would give the Oven Pancake with Berries recipe a try.
Like I do with most recipes I have adapted it slightly so I have added a pic of the actually recipe and I will share with you my version.
Oven Pancake Recipe
The recipe is for 4 people in the book so I quartered the ingredients as I was only cooking for myself when making this.
You will need for one portion -
2-4 Strawberries
A small handful of Raspberries
1 tsp of Xylitol
2 tsp of Butter/margarine. (one for the mixture, one for the tin)
1 Egg
20g Plain Flour
1 fl oz of Almond Milk
A drop of Vanilla essence.
1 - Preheat the oven at 220 degrees or gas mark 7.
2 - Place an ovenproof dish (I could only find a cake tin) on a baking tray and add a teaspoon of butter to it.
3 - Whisk the egg, then add the almond milk and keep whisking.
4 - Add the flour and whisk well.
5 - Melt a tsp of butter and add to the mixture with the vanilla extract. Mix until completely smooth.
6 - Place the dish in the oven for one minute or until the butter has melted. Make sure the butter covers all of the bottom of the dish.
7 - Add the batter to the dish and cook for around 12-14 minutes until puffy and light brown.
9 - Whilst that is cooking chop the raspberries in half and quarter the strawberries. Add them to a bowl with a tsp of xylitol and mix together. Set aside until the pancakes are ready.
10 - Once cooked, turn the pancake onto a plate and add the berries.
oven pancake recipe
Now my pancake doesn't look like they do in the book. I didn't think about what dish to use when making these and my pancakes turned out looking more like a Yorkshire pudding so make sure you use a thin tin/dish.
Looks aside the oven pancake tasted delicious and I think this recipe will work really well if you are making them for several people as you can all sit down and enjoy them together unlike traditional pancakes where you can only make one at a time.
Let me know if you give these a try, I hope yours turn out better looking than mine.
I will for sure be making these again, they are so tasty and filling. The perfect weekend breakfast.

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