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The War Between Russians and Jews

Posted on the 07 April 2014 by Calvinthedog

The Jews and Russian people never liked each other much. However, I think there was a truce in the USSR. I do not think the USSR was an anti-Jewish nation any way, shape or form. In fact, an Israeli leader said it was an “anti-anti-Semitic country.” He described the USSR as one of the most Jew-friendly countries that ever existed.

However, after 1948, this relationship got very complicated. The new criminal Israeli state quickly aligned with the West and became a sworn enemy of the USSR and the Russian people. Most Soviet Jews remained patriotic, but a new class of Jewish nationalists (Zionists) were seen as traitors by Stalin, who killed some of them. Some of these Jewish nationalists may well have murdered Com. Stalin.

After, the USSR was still very good to the Jews, but they did not allow Jewish nationalists to leave for Israel (personally they should have let the traitors go IMHO). Then the US, Israel and International Zionism launched a massive campaign against the USSR and the Russian people accusing them of “anti-Semitism” for not letting the traitors leave the country to migrate to the enemy state. Soon the USSR was forced to allow a controlled number of Jewish traitors to emigrate to the enemy land in Palestine.

During this period, many Jews became agents of International Zionism, an internationalist reactionary/ fascist internationalist and militaristic movement. Many American Jews recruited Jewish traitors in the USSR and East Bloc to spy for the US enemy against their homelands. There were a very large number of these Jewish spies, truly enemies of the people. At the same time, many Jews continued to be patriotic supporters of the East Bloc nations.

Post 1948, the East Bloc/USSR could be described as pro-Jewish but anti-Zionist and anti-Israel. They supported the Jewish people in a racial sense but armed the enemies of the Jewish nationalists squatting on stolen land in Palestine. Arab guns and arms which killed many Jewish nationalists often came from the East Bloc.

From 1948-1990, many Russian Zionists moved to Israel. Many of these people were highly damaged human beings due to the turmoil deriving from centuries in the Pale. A huge number of them were some of the most vicious and genocidal anti-Christians the world has ever seen. For instance, many Russian Jews to this day say their favorite drink is a Bloody Mary. They say this Bloody Mary is made of Vodka mixed with the blood of the Russian Christian people.

Many Russians have reacted to the wild anti-Russian hatred of many Russian Jews with reactive anti-Semitism.

Since 1990, Russia can no longer be described as a pro-Jewish country. Russian Jews, relishing a chance to destroy their hated enemy, looted the Russian homelands in the 1990′s with the help of US neoclassical capitalists (Chicago School type), International Zionism mostly headquarted in the USA, and the Israeli state. The assets of the Russian people were stolen by huge gangs which were ~1/3 Jewish (note that 2/3 of these gangs were non-Jews).

However, Jews being only 3% of the population were wildly overrepresented in the looters. Much of the Russian people’s stolen treasure was moved out of the homeland to other International Zionist  agents in Israel, the US and the UK (the Rothschild IZ agents. The neoconservative movement was formed in the US mostly by Jewish nationalists in the US and Israel. These people had a profound hatred for the Russian people based on vengeance due to the post-1948 scenario above. Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and other Jewish monsters were deeply involved in the mass theft and even mass murder of the Russian people in the 1990′s.

I do not use the term mass murder lightly. The team of Milton Friedman Chicago School Libertarians and International Zionist criminals not only stole nearly everything in the USSR not tied down to give it to their Jewish buddies, but even more tragically, they killed a total of 15 million Russians. That is correct. Life expectancy collapsed when the USSR fell apart. The entire economy died and the poverty was worse than the Great Depression. By the end of the decade, 15 million Russians had been genocided by the United States under Bill Clinton and led by the Chicago School and the agents of International Zionism, principally the Russian Jewish Mafioso in Russia.

Since 1990, there is a lot of bad blood on both sides. Anit-Semitism is very high in Russia and it is not a pleasant place to be Jewish. A lot of Russian Jews are goodhearted people and they are harmed by this racist hatred. At the same time, the US, Israel, International Zionism and increasingly the EU have declared war on the Russian people. The upshot of this war is the neo-Nazi/neoliberal coup against the democratically elected government of Ukraine by armed bands of fascist thugs.

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