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The Voice of Ama… Kuma, South Africa.

By Jenrene

Life can be challenging.

You know… there’s a word in the Bible that says: “Your gift shall make room for you…”  I really did not realize the POWER of my gift of encouraging and helping others to feel good about life and living until I visited a third world country. It’s amazing – absolutely amazing just how much life challenges can encourage us to  exhort someone else.

This young girl in this video Ama – was able to encourage me more than I thought possible. She was so vulnerable, yet so comfortable in her voice, and her humility, and she was a blessing, indeed. She helped me to see “the struggle “ of the youth of South Africa in her eyes… and in her voice. The POWER in this room was unbelievable. Ama stayed with me those two days I was in Kuma, South Africa. She followed us to the town hall the next day and  sat in the audience to hear more about what I spoke to the leaders in Kuma who were doing their best to encourage youth, and their community. We spoke about UNITY – and how to stay together and them up and encourage each other during hard times. 

 You can bet I helped them to see it in themselves.

 I love and appreciate this clip because Ama’s voice, helped change my life. I am SO GLAD  she spoke up. I took every chance to let her know I thought she was a leader, and her voice mattered.  If she only knew the STRENGTH she has imparted unto me. Truth be told – I also, was  enduring a very hard period in my life during this time and to travel to South Africa and hear her story made me see the purpose for my own struggle, indeed.


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