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The US and UK Are Destroying Yemen

Posted on the 03 May 2015 by Calvinthedog

The disgusting story is here.

Looks like the US and UK are back to doing what they do best, create failed states!

After all, that’s what they did in Iraq, Syria and Libya. And let’s not forget the Ukraine. Now the US and UK, along with the disgusting, vile Saudis, are creating another failed state in Yemen.

This insane bombing campaign is also supporting Al Qaeda, but of course, the US and UK are supporting Al Qaeda in Syria, so I suppose Al Qaeda is our friend?

The Houthis are no danger to the US or the UK. They are no danger to Saudi Arabia. Who are they a danger to? Al Qaeda. The Houthis are the most powerful force fighting Al Qaeda in Yemen right now. By trying to destroy the Houthis, we are fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda just like in Syria.

There is literally no moral reason for this insane war, which the US and UK are disgustingly abetting.

The Houthis are not Iranian pawns. They are homegrown and their beefs are homegrown.

Yes the Houthis are Shia, but the President they overthrew was also a Shia. But he was a pro-US, pro-Saudi Shia, so he’s ok. The Yemeni Army supports Saleh the former President, and they are fighting alongside the Houthis. The Yemen military is mostly Sunni. Saleh himself was a US and Saudi ally, and he is not only a Shia but he is also a Houthi! But apparently he was one of the “good Houthis” which means a pro-US, pro-Saudi Houthi.

As you can see, there is no sectarian Sunni vs. Shia dimension to this war. It is all about internal Yemeni politics. The President who was ousted and the Houthis who ousted him are both Shia! So where exactly is the Sunni-Shia sectarian dimension to this war? Nowhere but in the fevered dreams of Saudi bigots.

This whole war is insane. The US papers are running Saudi propaganda every day.

The Sunni Arab and especially Saudi hatred of Iran borders on the psychotic. Iran is no threat to the Arab World.

Iran is not going to steal the oil.

Iran is not going to take over the Persian Gulf.

Iran is not trying to covert all Sunnis to Shi’ism.

All of these are flat out lies. The truth is that the Shia are the niggers of the Muslim World. The Sunnis are the crackers, the White men of the South under Jim Crow. That’s all this is. The Sunnis have been repressing and killing the Shia forever. They have also discriminated against them every chance they get. Apparently large numbers of Sunni Arabs hate the Shia so much that they want to kill as many of them as possible. For what reason? Why did Nazis kill Jews? Why did Turks kill Armenians? The Sunnis are the Turks and the Shia are the Armenians. It’s the same thing. As usual, the US is on the side of the aggressors and is fighting the victims.

Keep in mind that Wahhabism, the religion of Saudi Arabia, officially states that the Shia are apostate heretic Muslims who should be killed. That is what the Saudis preach in all those Wahhabi mosques they fund all over the world. The US, UK and Israel are supporting and cheering on this insane, bigoted genocide of the Shia. All because we hate Iran.

The truth is Iran is no danger to the US or the UK. They would love to cooperate with us. They are no threat to the Arab World. They refrain from sectarian statements and routinely say they want to cooperate with the Sunni Arabs. They do cooperate with them in Palestine, Sudan, and the Sinai. The Iranians are not arming the Houthi. This is a Saudi lie.


The US and UK are creating another failed state!

Go America!



We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1!

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