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The Upside of Down … A Happy New Year … 2014

By Gran13

balloons 2014 THE UPSIDE OF DOWN

I’m bound for a place called The Upside of Down.

It isn’t a city, nor is it a town.

It’s a chink in the darkness where light filters in

Or the hint of a smile turns into a grin.


I’m searching and seeking. Oh, where can it be?

An astonishing find.  It’s hidden in me.

The Upside of Down is the ‘yes’ side of ‘no’.

It’s around the corner. I’m ready to go.


I’ll get there much sooner if I don’t hesitate.

Now is the time. Before it’s too late.

For the Upside of Down will not come into view

If I don’t lift my head and decide what to do.


**********************************************I wish you all a Happy and a Healthy New Year for 2014 as well as the ability to look on the bright side of life. Let us all seek the half full cup even when it seems impossible. Let’s count our blessings even if we only find one or two, and look forward not backward.

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