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The Ukrainian Junta, Heroes of the US Left

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Calvinthedog

The Ukrainian junta, putschists who overthrew a democratically elected government with the help of the US, NATO and the CIA, is made up of three parties. One party is an openly fascist Banderist neo-Nazi party. The other parties are two neoliberal parties, akin to the US Republican Party. This is the government that the Democratic Party, US liberals and the US Left are swooning over! A rightwing government!

One of the first things that the new government did was to cut social spending by 50% while cutting wages by 50%. Wow! They’re really great for workers and regular folks, eh. Furthermore there were huge rises in heating oil costs to be paid by citizens to heat their homes. This winter, a lot of people are going to die.

The reason that the US, the EU and NATO pulled off this armed Nazi coup in the Ukraine is so they could force a ridiculously one-sided free trade pact on the Ukraine. This free trade pact would have opened up Ukraine’s economy to EU goods while severely restricting the amount of exports to the EU that the Ukraine could make. In other words it was a project for the colonization of the Ukrainian economy by EU capital.

The Ukraine would have been flooded with EU goods and Ukraine could hardly export anything to compensate. The EU imports would have driven many Ukrainian businesses out of business. This was a catastrophic country-selling sellout plan that would have been great for the EU but terrible for the Ukraine. Only 40% of the population supported this country-selling plan.

They also wanted to force a loan package on them along with the horrific austerity described above. The pro-Russian president who was overthrown opposed these measures (sold in the West as “getting close to Europe and away from Russia) because he did not want to visit such privation on his citizens and he did not want to harm Ukraine’s economy.

Many Ukrainian workers and ordinary citizens are looking east to Russia. Russia is raising wages for its workers and increasing social spending for its citizens – socialist measures that the Left should be supporting. Instead, the US Left is opposing the patriotic socialist country, Russia and is supporting the reactionary neoliberal country-sellers in the Ukraine – the Ukrainian equivalent of the Republican Party.

Make sense?

Of course not!

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