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The Tie Bar: An American Classic

By Kels_chaz22 @kels_chaz22
The Tie Bar: An American Classic
So what is that little piece of metal that all the guys in the magazines are wearing nowadays called anyway? I know you're dying to know so I won't keep you guessing.. it's a tie bar, otherwise known as a tie clip. And why do you wear it? Well, for one, it looks cool, and two, it actually has a purpose.  Many of you have probably seen this foreign contraption before- your dad or grandfather may have worn it at one point. It's use is simple: keep your tie connected to your shirt so your tie isn't falling all over the place. (I'm going to create a scarf bar because let's face it, having your scarf fall into your food is just not a good look).The tie bar became popular in the 20s when straight ties made of more delicate materials such as silk were fashionable. They took a short hiatus, but recently have reemerged onto the scene only to make a bigger splash in the fashion world than they did the first time. It seems like every celebrity or well dressed man has one, which means of course, you need one too.As great as this piece looks, it can backfire on you if you don't wear it properly, so I'm going to teach you how to do just that. So go on, take a mental picture, because this is important. The Tie Bar: An American ClassicPhoto Credit It's really important to make sure you place the tie bar in the right spot- not too high, not too low. A good rule of thumb is to put it in between the third and fourth button on your dress shirt. Second, ACTUALLY USE IT! Don't just put it on your tie because it looks cool. We already know that it looks cool. But you'll look awfully silly if you're wearing a tie bar and your tie is bouncing all over the place. You can't make it obvious that you're wearing it because it's fashionable. The Tie Bar: An American Classic1/2/3
Last, but certainly not least, make sure you buy the right size! Don't buy a tie bar that is too big- it won't work properly and it looks like it doesn't fit (Oh wait, that's because it doesn't!). Wearing a tie bar that is too big is bad enough, but one that is too small, well, that's just not even an option. If you buy it too small, it will scrunch your tie and make you look sloppy. That or you are trying to start a trend of pleated ties which, let me tell you, will never be in style.

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