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The Thousand Year Reign of Sol Sodom

Posted on the 02 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

From commenter Lin. I don’t really agree with his stuff necessarily. I just find it humorous and mostly enjoy it for cleverness and entertainment value. And the clit in the tonsils? Didn’t Linda Lovelace have one of those.

Personally from Lin of Nazareth:


I received a ‘spiritual’ vision from my humanoid bat messenger on the NightFall War coming soon to the West/Anglo world (and might soon spread to other parts of the world).

The queers are avengers reincarnated of the spirits of the knights risen from the cinders of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Bible Thumpers are descendants of the early Christian disciples and crusaders.

Soon all form of anti-queer sentiments and gestures (like refusing to rent to queers for fear of your property turned into daisy chaining playground) will be legally forbidden as hate crimes, thus sparking the Cosmic War of Queer Liberation. In the end the QLA (Queer liberation Army) will win.

— All form of heterosexual acts or gestures will be banned as rapes

— All humans within the queer realm will practice faggotry/lesbianism, and an increasing % of them will go through hermaphrodite bio-reengineering to enable former males to get pregnant and formerly females to impregnate. Besides one protrusion and two cavities at the posterior, each will have the oral cavity doubled as a secondary vaginal cavity with the tonsils also functioning as clitoris. Another phallus will hang from either the tongue or the nose..

Thus will rise of a thousand years reign of the SOLDOM or Sol Sodom.

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