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The Talking Scale

By Rubytuesday
Friday is food shopping day in my houseDuring the week we leave a note pad and pen on the tableSo we can write down things that we need As you know I live with my mom and my sister And we all have different things that we likeSo our shopping list can be quite eclectic 
We have a kittySo each week we all contributeDepending on our own budgetIt works well for us I think I've said before That my sister is an amazing cookSo we've all been eating like queens since she came home last summerAnd I have picked up a lot of handy tips from her too
In a Friday morning Two out of the the three of us usually go shoppingMy sister is doing a cookery course todaySo my mom and I went to do the food shoppingLea and Honey always come tooAnd we bring them for a run on the beach first And then head to the shops
We go to two supermarketsFirst we go to LidlLidl is a German shop that sells food a lot cheaperSo we pick up bread and veg and such thereThen we head over to the second supermarketWhich is on the expensive sideBut it has all our favorite brands so we always go there
So we were in Lidl this morningEvery week they have a special offer onAnd today it seemed to be health productsSo they had a blood pressure machineVarious exercise equipment Work out clothesBut one specific item caught my eyeA speaking scale no lessWhen I saw it I had to take a closer lookWere my eyes deceiving me?NoIt was in fact a talking scaleThe horror of it all washed over me I don't think I've ever in all my years weighing seen a talking scaleI can't think of anything worseLet me explain why
I don't know about you But for meWeighing is a very private and personal thingI do it only in the privacy of my own bedroomWith the door lockedPreferably in the morning When I know there's no one aroundThe only other people I have let weigh me were doctors and of course MaryOh yesIt's very few people that I let weigh meThat number is just so personal I know I give the number too much powerBut I don't think it's an ED not to let people know your exact weightI'd say most womenAnd a lot of menLike to keep their weight to themselves 
So the thought of a speaking scale?Oh my GodIt doesn't bear thinking about A scale that says your weight out loudFor all and sundry to hear?No thank you very muchIt's safe to say that I won't be investing in one of these
While I was in the shopI noticed quite a lot of interest in the scalesI guess maybe a lot of people hadn't seen one before But Jesus H ChristIt's hard enough having to look at the numberNever mind have the thing speak it to youI can't think of any thing worse
Here it is...
The talking scale
I was wonderingAm I alone in this?What do you think of the talking scale?Yay or nay?

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