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The Swedish Model Versus the American Model

Posted on the 15 June 2013 by Calvinthedog
Apparently even Americans seem to prefer the Swedish income distribution over the US income maldistribution.

Apparently even Americans seem to prefer the Swedish income distribution over the US income maldistribution.

I grabbed this pic off of a forum, so it was hard to figure out what they were getting at. Apparently only 10% of Americans prefer the US model. Americans were apparently asked which model they preferred without labeling the models. The outrageous maldistribution of the US model was apparently only favored by 10% of Moronicans.

Fully 90% of Moronicans stated that they preferred either the Swedish model or the equal model. Of course, once you slap labels on the models, no doubt the survey changes, because equality is Communism and Swedish Communist-socialist. Votes for the US would automatically go up because Moronicans support everything about the US, even the most awful and disgusting parts of it, because, you know:

USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1! We’re number 1!

And all of that crap.

It’s amazing to look at that US model and how outrageously unfair it is. Incredible that Moronicans seem to actually prefer it that way. Think if our GDP was the same yet it was split up more fairly. Think how much less the rich would have and how much more the rest of us would have. What’s not to like?

This also shows the lie about “capitalism.” According to Moronican fools, the only way you can possibly have this thing called “capitalism” is if the pie ends up divided up like you see in the US model. In other words, if it’s not ridiculously unfair, it’s not capitalism. Wow, sounds like a good reason to junk capitalism right there.

But the Swedish economy is 93% in private hands. If you walk down the streets of Stockholm, you will see small businesses everywhere, stacked to the rafters with every product you could possibly imagine at reasonable prices. And business is bustling right along. Sounds downright capitalist to me.

The thing is, there is generally no pure socialism and no pure capitalism. Pure socialism may have existed at one point, but it’s gone from everywhere now, even Cuba and North Korea. And pure capitalism doesn’t exist anywhere either. Every state on Earth is some combination of capitalism and socialism, some sort of a mixed economy. The vast majority of Moronicans are too stupid to figure this out, and they think that “socialism” and “capitalism” are some sort of polar opposites that cannot co-exist, and that if you have one, you don’t have the other.

I would add that the US mass media, including the “liberal media,” is all owned by very rich people, in the top .1% of the US population. They all know full well what that US pie is shaped like, and they like it just fine that way. Either that or they want to make things even worse and give even more to their fat asses.

Part of the project of the US mass media and increasingly both political parties is to maintain that US pie in its grotesque division, and not to make it the tiniest bit fair. A tremendous amount of media effort goes into brainwashing Americans into thinking that that US pie tastes just as good as an apple one, baked by Mom herself, fresh out of the oven. Not that they would ever let you see that pie chart yourself. That would be showing their hand, no?

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