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The Stupid Ass Things I Do

By Brisdon @shutuprun
I would blame the idiotic things I do on being too busy or overwhelmed, but the truth is I'm just not so bright sometimes.
First dense {as shit} thing I did this week:
I ordered our Christmas cards. We always do a picture card -  you know those cheap-o ones that everyone sends. I threw something together last minute and went to pick them up. I was pretty proud of myself for getting them done at all, you know with shopping and working and cooking and napping.

The Stupid Ass Things I Do

Don't be jealous of my fashion sense

As I opened the pack of 60 cards I noticed something strange. Can you catch it?
The Stupid Ass Things I Do

Yup. I did not change the default message. We are not the Walkers. We are the Risdons. There is no one in our family named Grace, Andrew, James or Cooper. I am sure they are very nice people, but they are not us.  I have 60 cards from not-our-family. I will send them anyways just to confuse people. Screw it. That's what Sharpies are for.
Next obtuse thing I did:
Person after person has been telling me to read the book The Boys in the Boat. It's not the kind of book that really interested me. I'm not deeply into rowing or historical non fiction or boys (<Thank God or that would be creepy).
But, I did break down and decided to read the book since when people like a book they pretty much shame you until you read the book. I loaded it onto my Kindle and got to work. I liked it pretty well, but kept wondering when all the boys were going to show up and start training for the US Olympic team. I read on and on, not at all understanding where the book was going and what it was about some little poor Irish boy. That's when I realized I was reading this:
The Boy in the Boat

Just so you know, the BOY IN THE BOAT and the BOYS IN THE BOAT are not at all the same book. You see, for the sake of people like me, there should not be books that have such close titles.
And the last dumb thing I did? I am stubborn as hell and as you know I hate the treadmill. When we got a half foot of snow on Tuesday, I didn't run:
The Stupid Ass Things I Do

But, yesterday I was damned if I would miss my run. I put on my Yaktrax and headed out.
The Stupid Ass Things I Do

 Not only was it 10 degrees but it was icy with lots of spots of deep snow. People, it took me 41 minutes to go 4 miles and I was exhausted. Not to mention that I almost broke my ass on the ice (that's why I have a crack in it!! Haha!!). Today I didn't want to be so dumb. I did not want to risk making my crack any bigger and maybe breaking bones so I did the unthinkable.
I dusted off our treadmill, which has not been used in over a year. I ran 5 miles on that piece of shit machine. I sweated. I ran in a sports bra.I did not love it, but I did it and it was better than the alternative.

The Stupid Ass Things I Do

What a lovely spot for a treadmill. Tucked in between the Broncos
cheerleaders poster and my 18 year old's man cave. It's a wonder I don't get on here more often.

There you have it. Confessions of stupidity. I would say it is because I am blond, but really I'm gray under all these years of highlights, so that doesn't count.
What's the last stupid thing you did? Entertain me please. 


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