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The Sound of Laughter ,Giggles and Memories

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay

Motherhood for me is more than a decade old and counting...This was the time when Fisher Price was just stepping up in India. The time when anyone coming back to India would bring back  Cartons of diapers and toys and other stuff for the babies.This was the time when digicams had just been launched and handicams were huge.But we still have awesome memories of sweet child's babyhood.We were stationed in the mountain kingdom of Bhutan at the time and hubby dear was relatively freer. So every evening was play time for the two boys. Sweet Child had beautiful, curly locks and he hated tying  his hair in a ponytail. Hubby dear would become his horse and sweet child would ride him just like he was in a bronco.Then there were times when sweet child would be tossed into the air and would be caught in daddy's trusting arms.Then there would be the story telling session. "Scary Stories from the Raj" were sweet Child's favorite. They had references to Shimla, hubby dear's hometown. Just the eerie noises and the slurpy sounds I made were good to keep him interested. The bedroom ceiling had those glow in the dark stars and moons stuck for a magical effect because sweet child refused to sleep in the dark. So many of our songs and lullabies were about the moon and stars.He adored "Shava Shava" from Karan Johar's "Kabhi khushi kabhi Gham" movie -the flushing dance step. The best way to wake him up was to play that song on the VHS tape.bent.And his right arm would rise with his left knee bent.My favorite memories are of the morning time.Just after hubby dear would go to office and mama and baby would snuggle in bed, play and giggle. Then the Maaslish,Champi,Tel Maalish  routine,bath time and  breakfast time.Meal times were often eventful- on the swing in the courtyard, near the neighbors duck pond where most of the toast or roti would be thrown to the ducks. A few trips in the car were great, the car rides built up his appetite and interest. There were the instances of reflux and vomit on our clothes too...and that happened usually when we were unable to change our clothes. Almost all our focus was on him and what he would like. We adored that gurgling laughter , him running behind the dog and running around the table. The milestones of his walking and running and talking non stop are all there in the pictures. But what really warms the heart are those emotions that fill my heart. I brought him home in my arms, and now he is almost as tall as his dad...I swear, we must have burned more calories than we ate-running around the tables,after the birds and in the lawn to finish that teensy-weensy bit of food. The tiny sandwiches I made for him and the Winnie the Pooh spoons he ate with, how he wanted to cook with me so my small frying pan became his and all his preparations were made with cumin seeds and peas and water...
For us, like many other parents, our life still revolves around our child.
We never knew how much love we could feel , until someone called us Mama and Papa.
The sound of Laughter ,Giggles and MemoriesI am sharing my #MemoriesOfMotherhood with Bio Oil and BlogAdda. This Mother’s Day check out the Yummy Mummy calendar and  make a similar calendar of your own using the Bio Oil App.

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