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The Skinny of It

By Rubytuesday
LIf we look back at weight over the yearsAnd what was considered attractiveLike fashionIt goes through trendsBack in the 60'sCurves and shapes were very much inMarilyn Monroe who was and still is considered one of the worlds most attractive womenWas a beautiful size 14Then in the 90'sThe rise of the super model took overAnd models like Kate Moss Made heroin chic sexyAll over the run ways and magazinesThin was inWomen flaunted their bones like trophiesSharp cheek bonesAnd chiseled features were the flavor of the monthAnd then of course the phenomenon that is size zeroBecame an international obsessionThe skinnier the betterAnd that is still popularBut I think positive body image is something that is so importantI saw a show during the week Called Plus Sized WarsIt was about the rise and increased popularity of plus size modelsEspecially on the InternetGirls like the model and blogger Tess MunsterWho is a size 24And has a massive following on line
It's people like TessWho are bucking the trend of super skinnyAnd empowering women of all sizes to be proud and confident in their skinTess really is a beautiful looking girlAnd I can see why she is in such high demandAnd even though she is three times the size of an average modelShe is still smokin' hitShe also sending out a positive message to young peopleThat beauty is not a clothes sizeOr a number on a scaleIt is so much more than that
This show was an eye opener for meAs I am one of the peoe who has been influenced by the mediaAnd although the media did not cause my EDIt most definitely did not helpI used to look at photos of modelsLong and lithe limbsFlawless facesAn impossible standard to reachBut I still compared myself to themAnd my confidence took a real battering My own perception of what is attractive has also changedI used to favour skinny The thinner the betterAnd there was no such thing as too skinnyI envied other girls But these other girls were usually a lot younger than meIt's a pain in the ass fact that as you get older Your body changesYou no longer have the lean frame you had when you were twentyYour body developes curves and shapesIt's all part of being a womanFor some reasonIt is really hard for me to call myself a womanBecause I swear I don't feel like a womanAnd don't really look like oneOr dress like oneOr behave like oneIn my mind I am still 22But the fact is that I am a womanA curvedShapely womanAnd I am beginning to accept that 
As I get olderI see that being attractive has very little to do with physical beautyAnd more to do with confidence and personalityBeauty radiates from withinIt comes out when we smileWhen we laughI always find passion attractiveWhen someone talks about something they loveThat can be really attractiveIt's not about what a person wearsIt's more about what they sayTheir behaviourTheir opennessTheir honestyTheir kindnessTheir sense of humourThe way they treat othersWhat they believeTheir valuesTheir ability to laughAnd laugh at themselvesTo see the positive in lifeA hunger for lifeFor adventure iThere is so much more than a pretty face
My BMI has now settled at 19Just about healthyAnd surprisinglyHuuoiI am ok with that I know that I am not overweightOr underweightI don't feel big or awkward the way I felt this time last year And that my friends is a freakin' revelation
I was wondering about youWhat do you find attractive?Do you think thin is still in?I'd love to know......

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