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The Shadow -- Spreading Or Lifting?

By Vickilane
The Shadow -- Spreading or Lifting?
It's my habit to write these posts the day before and schedule them to post at 2 am.  It's just after lunch now and a long afternoon and night are ahead. What will happen? Will our country plunge deeper into the dark or will the shadow begin to lift. At this point, I don't feel either hopeful or despairing. I'm just waiting.
The Shadow -- Spreading or Lifting?
Should the Democrats take back the House, that would be a start -- the beginnings of a check on the current administration's reckless behavior. A blue win in the governor's races in Florida and/or Georgia would be inspiring. Saying goodbye to Ted Cruz is high on my wish list. If a red tide sweeps in to drown my hopes, what then? Then I keep on keeping on -- speaking out against 45*'s deplorable behavior, writing letters and emails to my congresspersons, sending financial support when I can.  Meanwhile, I'll be  -- not glued to the news but checking in now and then and hoping that, despite Republican  efforts --questionable purges of the voting rolls, gerrymandering, late-opening (or closed or moved or only partially functioning) polling places -- despite all this, concerned, caring, committed voters will have made a start at guiding our country away from the downward course it's been on since 45* took office. 
The Shadow -- Spreading or Lifting?

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