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The Royal Wedding – William and Kate Tie the Knot.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange rings in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury at Westminster Abbey

In what was a rather lovely and flawless ceremony, Prince William and Kate Middleton were married this morning at Westminster Abbey in London. They were declared man and wife at 11.21hrs. Looking at the wedding chart we have a full 10th house with naturally the royal Sun sitting in the house of duty and authority and Leo sitting on the Ascendant square to the Sun reflecting the pomp and ceremony and privilege they will have. The main feature of the chart is a heavyweight t-square based around a progressive forward thinking Aries Midheaven.  On the IC just in the 3rd house lies Saturn, giving a serious edge to the day and the union, they will think carefully about their union and also about any words and media and social commitments that they make, very much a legacy hanging over from William’s mother Diana who courted and as a result was pursued endlessly by the press. Saturn is opposite Mercury in the 10th house; this is a couple who will be very conscious of their image as future King and Queen. As Mercury is in Aries, this vision is progressive and fresh will push forward I believe a new informality to the Royal family while respecting the traditions of the past.


Alongside the Sun and Mercury is Mars and Jupiter. Here is a drive to touch as many people’s lives as possible and this is something the happy couple will do with gusto, not only in the UK but abroad too. As part of a great stellium of planets in Aries is Venus and Uranus in the 9th house. The Moon is also in the 9th house as well in mystical Pisces. Venus opposite Saturn conjunct the Midheaven shows a serious social event but also the colour and beauty of the day. Venus here instils a love of travel and William and Kate will travel extensively as a result. Uranus in the 9th is interesting. This is a break with traditions and belief and forging new directions. Uranus is trine to the Ascendant, so the public face of William and Kate will be as reformers.

The Moon in the 9th again highlights travel with a sympathetic nature, of exploring new cultures and peoples. The Moon is quindecile Saturn, so expect a lot of travel and and reserved shows of emotion, in public at least, this is going to be very much a working couple. Square to the Saturn/Mercury Venus Uranus conjunction is Pluto in the 6th house. Here Pluto is obsessed with work, health and daily routine. The royal couple will work to exhaustion in the cause of their Royal duties, and may in time be quite difficult to serve, being harsh with those beneath them. Pluto trines to the Sun reflecting the power of their new positions in life.

Finally we find Neptune, peregrine in the 8th house of change and inheritance. William and Kate will in time inherit the dream and the mystique and magic of the monarchy. Neptune will dominate the chart standing alone in Pisces. This is a very spiritual position and reflective of service. This is the overriding theme of the chart, service through the privileged position that they inherit.

Now the all important question, what does the future hold? Well by Solar Arc we have Saturn opposing the Midheaven in exactly one year which is quite sorrowful, maybe a loss in their extended family of some sort. However with Venus exactly three degrees from the Midheaven I can see a happy event in around three years time -  a baby perhaps?? The t-square will be activated by Pluto in 2015 when transiting Pluto squares the Midheaven in 2015. The marriage and their public face will be transformed in some way, possible moving up the line of succession to the throne.

The wedding chart in my eyes has all the hallmarks of a successful royal marriage with pomp and circumstance, duty and service, mystique and magic and the notion of an ideal with Mercury conjunct Venus at the Midheaven of how the Monarchy should look when they succeed to the throne.

Good luck and lots of love to them both.

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