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The Republican Party's Entrancement for Fascism & Totalitarian Societies

Posted on the 21 December 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By R$F Schatten
The Republican Party's entrancement for Fascism and a Totalitarian Society, is going along well! Trump's entrancement for Vladimir Putin's Bad Ass Persona is an aberration in US Political History!
Here's a man who, as leading contender...represents the Republican Party! If this is the man that the majority of Republican Voters believe can become, what America commonly calls the Presidency of the United States; "The Most Powerful Man on Earth" have a raving rich lunatic, that truly believes that metaphor!...and truly believes he's "The Man"!
A spoiled rich, arrogant, and egotistical 'Prince Pretty', with a lot of $$$ and without a single clue in the understandings of the inner works of the US Government...and absolutely one bad foolish amateur on Foreign Policy!?!?...apparently, 'this' is what Republicans want and can't live without!
If this is what the majority of Republican rank and file Voters want? Then the Republican Party must officially and openly embrace the Trumpter's Philosophy of Hate, Fear, and Fascism...and endorse him! They already have the official endorsement of the American Neo-Nazis!...they 'love' the Trumpster!
“Leave the Faith alone, go after the Radicals that kill us all.” ~~~ George W Bush, as he defended Islam after 9/11.
Some in the GOP, like ex-contender Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)...who had the cojones to break off from all those GOP cowards who call themselves Contenders...said; “Donald Trump has done the one single thing you cannot do...Declare War on Islam itself,”
But Trump's fanatic following loves the verbal vulgarity and disrespect this dishonorable imitation of a man dishes out to others...whether Democrats or Republicans, Liberal or Conservative, whether Man or Woman, Young or Old, from any Country in the World...and whatever Race or Religion on earth...except Lilly White Fundamental Christianity, naturally!
Now, we have a man who would Follow Donald Trump to "the end of the world"...Sieg Heil! Mein Führer!...cause killing Muslims for Trump is his calling!
Just like the 2 Brothers in Boston...brutally beating up and then 'urinating' on a Hispanic homeless man because; "Donald Trump is Right...need to get them aliens out of this country"!! 2 more ignorant human beings inspired by all the lies of Donald Trump! And still no condemnation by the Donald?...again! how can you condemn something you believe in?
Le Grande Orange is one true crazy maniacal Gynophobe, Xenophobe, and a narcissistic braggart who's only reason for running for the Presidency is that 1%'s delirium for Power...cause he can own anything he wants! he's Donald Trump!
When the GOP refuses to officially condemn Donald Trump as a whole, for his actions and incitements for others to commit brutality and murder in his name...then, they must be seen as Endorsing Hate, Fear, and Totalitarian Fascism, and thus, endorsing Trump's plank at Convention time. How are they going to admit that the GOP does not believe in Fascism when their eminent Standard Bearer is a Nazi sympathizer? as is Cruz and Rubio...two others who haven't criticized Trump on the issue of Fascism, either?
Fascism in a rapidly growing Progressive & Socially Liberal Society and Culture? Now, you got a foolishly ignorant Republican spewing the greatness of Fascism, while extolling the greatness and admiration for Vladimir ex/Communist-Socialist...both of these characters each with Totalitarian dreams of their own . You have one savvy Russian who knows every political trick in the books, Politicos around the world, and a sad amateur excuse in Trump, the guy who knows everything within his own little world...with an American Policy of 'Exclusivity' within its own Border, and another failed attempt in International Diplomacy, with a true seriously Ugly American Policy abroad!
You add the rest of the world's leaders...all playing with the Mind of a Total Amateur, for their own personal and political gains? It's going to be an Interesting 2016 Dumbo Primary Season!! Will common sense come back to life in Republican America?...or will it be the Sieg Heil?!?!
Trump supporter charged in plot to bomb Muslims: ‘I’ll follow this MAN to the end of the world’

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