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The Race Is On!

By Brisdon @shutuprun

It is October 25 and it is freezing and snowing.


I like the idea of snow because then I can cuddle up on the couch and drink tea by the fire. But, the reality is I never do that anyway because I am too busy going to the gym and looking like a dork (Probably because I’m taking a hideously blurry picture while trying to squat and hold the ball against the wall. Multi tasking at its best). Look! I am sitting in a chair, but not really sitting in a chair!


Maybe why I've never done strength training is it is hard. I don’t understand how I can run a marathon, but trying to hold a sumo squat with a 30 lb weight for 45 seconds makes me want to cry and crumble onto the floor. And, my legs shake so badly that people probably think I have some kind of disorder. Or, that I am detoxing.

Then I get on the treadmill because I want to get in some cardio, but my legs are so tired, they don’t want to move. Some chick gets on the treadmill beside me and I have no clue why but I feel like I have to race her. Why? Why do I even care? If you’ve ever driven with me in the car, you know I do the same thing there. Life does not have to be an imaginary race, but I make it that way.

The Race Is On!

And, I have to say that all of this trail running/climbing I’ve been doing has made my thighs explode with muscle. I do know that is a good thing, but my jeans are tighter than…well, than…I can’t say. Because if you are trying to say something is tighter than something it usually ends up being naughty and I’m not going there. Which is funny because I always go there.

Okay, okay. My jeans are tighter than…a nun’s…something?

Speaking of gaining weight and muscle, here is someone who seems to be shrinking. I did not even know who this was when I saw the picture:

The Race Is On!

Going Rogue sure has changed her.

The Race Is On!

The scoop is that she is writing a fitness book with her family. Apparently she went from 140 lbs. to 105 lbs. Must be all that moose huntin’ and salmon fishin’ with Todd.

Advice needed: If you are going to do strength training and cardio in one workout, which do you do first? Today I did strength first and it made my run tiring. But I’m afraid if I run first I will be tired to do the other stuff.

Do you think S. Palin looks better before or after? I think she looks a bit too thin and unhealthy in the first picture. I’d like to see her somewhere in between. Because I know she really cares what I think.

Do you play the race game on the treadmill?

Finish this sentence: My jeans are tighter than…the pastor’s girdle at a pancake breakfast.


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