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The Purpose of Macho Behavior: Macho as Masculine Code

Posted on the 22 June 2016 by Calvinthedog

Raja Hindustani writes:

Respect from other machos, connections among machos to get things done and most importantly lower class pussy. That is the point in being macho.

Macho guys have always pretty much accepted me. They often think I am weird, and they can’t figure me out and say I don’t make sense, but generally they do accept me because there is a part of myself that is exactly like them, and I can bring it out very easily. The other machos see that I have this deep macho part of me (but it’s only a part), and they generally respect it because I know how to act like that and especially I control my feelings pretty well. And while I have feminine stuff going on too, I also have a lot of strongly masculine behaviors, mannerisms and especially ways of thinking going on at the same time.

Macho guys are really smart. They are very intelligent when it comes to this macho stuff, and they are experts in picking it up in other men. As long as you have a core set of observable behaviors and a mindset that conforms to that macho style, most macho men and really most men in general will pretty much give you a break, give you a modicum of a basic amount of respect and they most importantly they will leave you alone. There is a whole complicated set of rules that goes into acting this way, and most of us men were socialized into it as boys.

It’s women who don’t seem to understand masculinity. Women are actually a lot more demanding about masculinity in men than macho guys. With macho guys, you just have to conform to that basic set of behaviors and more importantly the mindset (yes, these guys are so smart that they can even see a macho mindset in your head),and you get some sort of basic level of respect. It’s not necessarily a high level of respect, but it is a
“basic” level that says you are “good enough.” Women on the other hand have an extremely poor understanding of masculinity and they are actually much worse and more demanding about it than even macho guys in that sense.

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