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The Problem with Writing About Race

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Calvinthedog

Coward writes:

Robert, I have been reading this blog since I was 13, although I haven’t posted until I was 15. I remember back in the good ole’ days of this blog, you discussed race freely and notoriously with titles such as, “Black People Like To Fuck”, and “Are Blacks Closer To Apes Than Other Humans”, “Nigger Genes Ruined Portugal”, “Pictures from Shithole India”. Nowadays this blog is all about politics, economy, Bigfoot, and random shit. Now I know why you don’t want to post about race; some commenters, myself included, aren’t mature enough to discuss race. I admit it. I have contributed my fair share of Black-bashing and Asian-bashing. However, I don’t really bash Blacks anymore, and the Asian bashing wasn’t even serious.

One of the purposes of this site was to develop something called “Liberal Race Realism,” which is a movement that I started. Admittedly, it hasn’t gone anywhere at all. Actually, it has been a complete failure. But that is ok. Really what it shows though is just how messed up people, especially Americans, are about race.

We simply cannot discuss race in any kind of a sensible way at all.

There are really two options when it comes to talking about race:

PC: race denial, no such thing as race, race is a social construct, etc. Focus on White racism against non-Whites as the cause of all problems among non-Whites. All discussion of racial differences banned as racist. No discussion of problems or failings of non-Whites allowed, as this is considered racist.

The PC style is really the only acceptable way to talk about race in America. But obviously, it has got some serious problems. Mostly it just seems like another effort at self-censorship. Many aspects of the race question are simply banned outright as racist, and they are replaced with a strange and obsessive focus on White racism as the only kind that matters. The effects of this racism (which is real) are vastly exaggerated.

White supremacism or ethnic chauvinism of some form or another. This is simply exaggerated, out and out racism, often of the worst kind. If you reject the PC game, it seems that you default into a Nazi or supremacist super-racist of some sort.

Clearly this leaves something to be desired also. This sort of racism is ugly and nasty and we fought a world war against it already.

In part, the two reinforce each other. If you stray the slightest from the PC line, the PC crowd gathers around and relentlessly bullies you, calling you eugenicist, racist, Nazi, KKK, on and on. So people who are forced out of the PC camp are labeled as members of the supremacist camp and are more or less forced into that nasty camp. The supremacist camp sort of does that too. Any attempt to be reasonable with those folks results in accusations that one is a PC anti-racist.

Most folks simply default to the PC position since that is the one that is socially sanctioned by society.

Truth is that both camps are pretty much nuts and neither one is an adequate way to talk about race. Ideally, the perfect camp would be in between the two. That is what I tried to do with Liberal Race Realism.

However, LRR failed. My posts about race in general get taken over by nasty, ugly Supremacists of differing breeds, and the comments section degenerated into ugly race wars, mostly about whose race is superior and whose race is inferior.

It appears the PC crowd may be right. People simply are not mature enough to talk about race without degenerating into horrible Supremacists of this type or that. So the PC crowd has decided to pretty much just ban the whole subject, which might be a good idea, as folks simply can’t seem to handle it.

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