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The Problem with the Discussion of Race Realism/Human Biological Diversity

Posted on the 26 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

From the comments:

George: It’s interesting to see a site where taboo subjects are not taboo…like ethnic differences having significant hereditary (DNA) involvement….I’ve been observing these things for years but can’t discuss it in polite company.

alan2102: There’s a good reason for the “taboos” and for such subjects being non-discussable in polite company: because once you open it up for discussion, a whole legion of Nazis, KKK-sympathizers and assorted racist cockroaches suddenly shows up, and you wind up swimming in a cesspool. You wind up no longer just discussing the phenomena itself, in a humanistic and intelligent (i.e. frontal-cortex-prominent) way, but rather “discussing the phenomena” only as thin camouflage for toxic, anti-human, reactionary/reptilian ideologies.

It would be OK to discuss these things, except for that.  That’s the problem. For example, it is perfectly OK to discuss black/white I.Q. differences, which are well-documented. The problem is that  discussion of black/white I.Q. differences, as such, has been difficult or even impossible because it gets hijacked by said cockroaches and used to advance their sick agenda.

Political Correctness (PC) was/is a highly imperfect but mostly admirable response to that problem. Yes, it was crappy and censorious but only as was needed for a few decades to move things along toward civilization.  I would like to think that we’ve reached the point now where PC is no longer necessary; i.e. most people’s minds are free from those ugly and sick reactionary ideas now, so no special prophylaxis (censorship) is needed.  I might be wrong about that.

But it does seem that the legion of Nazis and cockroaches is quite small and getting smaller, as they die off and are not replaced with younger blood. I think it likely that the most dangerous period has now passed, and we’re slowly on our way to a society in which heavy-handed PC censorship is no longer required.  The Nazis and cockroaches will not be given any serious attention by more than a dwindling few oddballs. You can see this in the non-growth, over quite a few years, of the right-wing websites and publications (etc.) that cater to that crowd.

I used to hate PC, but now I realize that it was an important thing at a certain stage of our social evolution – hopefully now mostly passed.

Now we can discuss — for example — black/white I.Q. differences in relative confidence, knowing that the cockroaches will not be taken seriously and will get little or no traction from it.

(Or am I being too optimistic?)

Alan is indeed being too optimistic. Because PC will never end. And that is the whole problem with PC. Once it gets instituted, it stays forever. The banned subjects stay banned because PC says they are racist per se; that is, it is racist per se to even bring them up or discuss them except to attack or condemn them.

For instance, I can take this discussion over to a forum where everyone is PC. This would be a good laboratory for Alan’s utopia where everyone is so nonracist that they can talk about these things. I assure you that I will be utterly and viciously excoriated in a horrible way.

Society will never get antiracist enough to discuss these topics sanely because when everyone is antiracist, everyone will be so thoroughly PC and according to PC ideology, all discussions of race differences are inherently racist and are not up for discussion at all.

So PC wasn’t just a limited action necessary to wipe out the last vestiges of hardcore racism in the West. PC is intended to go on forever, and I think it will. It is not designed to wither away.

Is it actually true that there has been no growth in racist websites and organizations over the past few years? I wonder how this was calculated and I wonder if someone can give me some evidence of this.

My personal subjective view is that racism has been declining every year for quite some time now, possibly since the 1960’s or at least since the 1970’s. However, it does seem that White racism has increased with the election of Barack Obama.

I doubt if it really increased; what happened instead with the election of Obama was that a lot of covert White racist conservatives who were hiding their racism well by keeping the lid on the boiling pan suddenly released their racism from dormancy and let it bloom in full. I doubt if the election of Obama created new anti-Black racists among the White population; that is, I doubt if any formerly nonracist Whites suddenly became racist with Obama’s election. Obama was simply the rain shower that brought the worms out of their holes.

However, Alan is absolutely correct that the reason this issue is never discussed is because once you bring it up, all manner of anti-Black racist troglodytes show up and swarm all over the website, drowning out all other commenters. These racists also assume that because I am willing to discuss this issue sanely, I am obviously one of them.

This is because the antiracists have set up a dichotomy called antifa versus Nazi and have forced everyone into one of these categories. The antis have decided that one can only be a radical antiracist, and if one is not, then one is simply a White Supremacist, KKK member or Nazi. Hence most Whites simply refuse to discuss such matters at all for fear of being called a Nazi, and Whites like me who discuss these issues in good faith are automatically assumed by White Supremacists to be one of their own.

Because of the racist invasion that discussion of these topics causes, it is almost useless to bring them up. The flood of racists to the site drives away most if not all of the decent commenters as this is a case of bad driving out good. The few liberals who dare to comment typically shoot down the very idea without even discussing. Many others jump into the debate screaming racist at me, in which case they are all banned. This is why so many Left-liberal types have been banned from this site. On the other hand, most hardcore White racists have been banned from here too.

I honestly do not have the answer to this but I did found a movement called Liberal Race Realism for liberals who believe in the reality of race.

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