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The Powerpuff Girls: "Equal Fights" Episode

Posted on the 18 August 2011 by Danielleb

As an early-90's baby The Powerpuff Girls used to be an important staple in my cartoon diet. Up until a few nights ago I hadn't seen the show in years, but by some crazy stroke of luck I stumbled across an old episode which features a storyline that modern pop-culture-loving feminists might find interesting. I didn't realize this when the episode first aired in 2000 (I was seven, gimme a break!), but the main villain, Femme Fatale, is a stereotypical "man-hater" disguised as a women's libber. Not only does she don a mask shaped like the female gender symbol and berate the fact that there aren't more women superheroes/villains in Townsville, she also refuses to take paper money when robbing a place because she prefers Susan B. Anthony coins.
If you're (a) looking for something to distract you from that research paper, (b) waiting for a Hot Pocket to heat up, or (c) simply have a few minutes to spare, check out this episode! I'm curious to hear what people think of it! I personally feel that the episode does a good job of showing the difference between a stereotypical feminist (i.e. Femme Fatale) and a true feminist (i.e. Susan B. Anthony), but I can also see where people would have some differences in opinion.
Let me know what you think about "Equal Fights" in the comments section!
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