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The Power of Good Rest.

By Jenrene

I love  reading  and researching about rest and peace. I don’t believe we do enough of it.The Power of Good Rest.

The Power of Good Rest.

When I find a new antidote to keeping my mind and body rested, I try to note it some place and come back there to help me find it. I have a few books on cultivating the art of rest and one two of the best I have found are : breathe and ‘rest ‘, by Keri Wyatt Kent. Kent just seems to have this haven built around the art of how to find center within individually, as well as  within our  families. She recognizes the coziness around how special it is – but not only that, she helps others see how it can add to family serenity, quality time and growth. Families often forget to spend time together and I believe  her suggestions and how she frames it all in the guise of   introducing the Sabbath, makes it all the more sacred.  She often speaks of  and interviews other in her books about  how  finding rest  - just once a week – helps keep her sane, closer to  her family and also  to God. Her books seem to help you focus on what’s important in life and what creates  special memories… and who doesn’t want memories?? I  have found it a practice now I relish in just taking an entire day to  spend time to reacquaint myself with myself.  I don’t have to leave my  home, regroup find a new spot necessarily, if i don’t want to.  I don’t have to go to a cafe,  leave the comfort of my own home and spend time with someone else. I can create it in the midst of my family time and honor God  and my passion for relationship with my family in  my  own  quirky,  little peaceful way.

So many people are not comfortable with developing enough space in their life for true rest. Some  are not even aware of the need for space.  I sometimes ASK for the space i need to “be” and  believe me, the ‘art of being’ has to be cultivated. I too, struggle with being in the  “get it done”  zone, and I tend to forget I even  have a need for space. We all struggle with this but does it mean we neglect other times and spaces to be alone, or we just arrange our day differently and plan for “not being busy”? If you are one who finds it extremely hard to  do this, it may at  first take a few tries. because I just want to get things over and completed. Yes, sometimes  it’s really good to “finish”... but we shouldn’t always make it  primary.

Nothing does the body more good than a good rest and rejuvenation. Not only do you have a chance to relax your mind, but I often find that’s when my creativity soars the most. I have also found this time special for being able to reflect with my family and dream and plan new activities. We have a chance to find time to  re-consider what we are missing out on as a family and we need to do more often to cherish our time together.

We could miss out on one of the best opportunities EVER to bond with our child or family and/or take time to open the door for a special ritual to develop with a loved one when they have been struggling with something that’s been really challenging to deal with. The time you take to spend with them, could be life-changing and lend unto them advice, wisdom and  add immensely to their growth and insight.

Remember, GOOD Rest equals:   the wonderful opportunity for rituals, relaxation and reflection.

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