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The Post Where I Am Tired and a Dumb A$$

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I am an absolute, no good mess today. I did something last night for the LAST time. No more staying out late on a school night. Body.Just.Cannot.Handle.It.

We had friends in from out of town and after spending the day with them watching the Broncos get schooled and eating dinner at my favorite restaurant, we went out to the Fox Theater in Boulder to see a show.

The show started at 8:00 p.m., which is usually the time I am in my PJs in front of the TV with popcorn and a glass of wine. The first act, James McMurtry (like watching paint dry), finished at 9:30 p.m. which is exactly the time I am in bed with lights out. At 10:49 p.m. the second act, the Gourds (hilarious, energetic, odd), was just getting revved up and I knew the next day would be very ugly.

We stumbled in at 12:30 a.m. I fitfully slept off and on until 6:00 a.m. This is not enough for me to function like a nice person.  I had to go to a home visit for work this morning and literally had to douse my eyes in Visine four times just to look a little less like a strung out criminal.


That is one tired, dried out eyeball.

Today is a rest day for me because my body just seems to want to rest and I’m not going to push it. Saturday’s race took a lot out of me, I won’t lie. I’m not sure why I was so beat up, but I was. Could be a whole slew of reasons or just that I had an off day. I cannot, however, WAIT to run tomorrow because I just got these beauties in the mail:


Brooke’s Pure Cadence

And, now I have a confession for you. Sometimes I am a dumb ass with a capital “D.” 

So, my son Sam took up football this year and is playing on the freshman high school team. They’ve been practicing everyday after school since mid-August and have had 4 games. Many of their practices have been in 90 degree heat.

Every time I watch a game, I think how nice it is that the school launders the boy’s uniforms. I just assumed this to be true because Sam has never once brought a pair of tights or a jersey home to wash. Yes, I really thought this. I really thought public school was doing my son’s laundry. What the eff is wrong with me? It wasn’t until yesterday that I learned the truth:

My friend, Kim: So, Sam you must have a ton of laundry from football.

Me: No, the school does it. Can you believe it? So nice of them!

Sam: What? No. I just keep wearing the dirty stuff and put it my locker. Man it really stinks in there.

Me (yelling, on the verge of hysteria): Wait, what? For the past 5 weeks you've been wearing the same gear without washing it? I thought the school was washing it?

Sam: Are you kidding? Like the school would do that. Everything just stinks, but it’s fine.

NO it is so NOT fine. I sent him off this morning with a kiss and reminder:


That’s all I got today. Going to try to sneak in a nap before the afternoon kid-rush begins. And, clearly I need to get ready to do some major laundry later. Hope I don’t have to burn his uniform.

As you get older do you find it harder to stay out late and function the next day? (especially if you have to get up early?) I seriously can’t do it. I don’t even like to do it anymore. 

What’s the last concert you’ve seen? Before last night it was Michael Franti.

Any confessions you’d like to make about a time you were a dumb ass?

Do you have a favorite restaurant?


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