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The Polish Well: BANG!

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell

Happy Sunday everyone!
I can't believe the long weekend (we had 2 days of public holidays on thursday and friday) passed by so quickly. I still don't feel adequately rested! T_T
Anyway, I thought I would share some of my new concoctions on the blog today. It has been quite a while but I've finally finalised a new collection that is based on one of my favorite korean bands - Big Bang! I was introduced to Big Bang by my sister earlier this year and have since been hooked onto quite a number of their songs. The idea of a collection came about way back in March when I had a sudden bout of inspiration and created Hallelujah. Since then, I have mulled over the rest of the colours and I am happy to say that I've finally made some headway. Take a look:
p.s. you can click on the lyrics to enjoy the lovely songs on youtube :)
The Polish Well: BANG!
The Polish Well: BANG!
Fantastic Baby.
Jump at the sound of your heartbeat till this comes to an end yeahI can't baby don't stop thisJust go corrupt today (go crazy and rave) let's gowow fantastic baby ~ Boom Shakalala
A berry red jelly filled with an assortment of glitters - holos, reds, purples, circles, squares, hexes and a sprinkling of shimmer. I had such hard time coming up with a color for this song. Every ounce of my instinct told me to throw a bunch of silver holo glitters together for the dance number but I wasn't sure if I could come up with a mix that is better than what is already available in the market. In the end, I scoured through the lyrics and settled on "heartbeat" for my color inspiration. Even then, it took me several tries before I came up with this. Quite happy with the squishy look. :P
The Polish Well: BANG!
You’re so beautiful, I’ve been bewitchedI can’t fall asleep tonight at thoughts of youYou’re so wonderful, I have gone crazyI can’t snap out of it, I’m getting dizzy 
She killed my ego
Red with gold and holo shimmer. Slightly darker than what it looks in this picture. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to capture much of the shimmer in the picture either - it is slightly more visible IRL :(
The Polish Well: BANG!
Love Dust.
When today passes, you will disappear like dust – what is love?If I look sad, my tears are like smoke, like dancing smokeTomorrow, my day will start like nothing is wrong and I will forget youI’ll just remain here, smiling, as I pray that you will be happy
A soft salmon pink with peach and gold shimmer. A color that is very heavily inspired by the melody and what I think love dust looks like.
The Polish Well: BANG!
Haru Haru.
Don't look back and leaveDon't find me again and live (on)Because I have no regrets from loving you, take only the good memoriesI can bear it in some wayI can stand in some wayYou should be happy if you are like thisI become dull day by day (eh eh eh eh)Oh girl I cry, cryYou're my all, say goodbye...
A soft greyish-blue mint with subtle holo. This was partly born from my obsession with turquoises and mint and partly from Deborah's (lovevarnish) request for a soft mint holo. I took a look at the bottle after the shaking and mixing and "Haru Haru" immediately came to mind.
The Polish Well: BANG!
I love you baby I’m not a monsterYou know how I was in the pastWhen time passes, it’ll all disappearThen you will know baby
A sage green with rose flecks and subtle green shimmer. This is not new to the blog and some of you might already know that this was from my feeble attempt at duping Butter London's Two Fingered Salute. I've since gotten my hands on the real deal and they are definitely not dupes. While the base colours are almost, if not exactly, identical, the shimmer and flecks are completely different. Nonetheless, I really like this lab creation and it seems to fit with the song so I've decided to keep it in this collection. :P
The Polish Well: BANG!
A late night and rain falling down. I bring you back from my memories. I promised myself I would be fine without you, but I can’t help it.
A deep teal with a mix of aqua blue and green shimmer. Another song that gave me a difficult time but I am glad I finally had an eureka moment.
The Polish Well: BANG!
Bad Boy.
I was too harsh that nightI didn’t know you would really leaveThe words, “I’m sorry”, is too difficult for us that we take it to the endBecause I’m ill-temperedWe fight over stupid things numerous times a dayYou take off crying, I look around and think,‘She’ll come back tomorrow. She’ll definitely call me first in the morning'
A deep blue with a mix of copper, blue and purple shimmer. This was another song that was very challenging to put in a bottle. In the end, I went with the colours of a beautiful sunrise that I happened to catch. I think this one needs a bit more shimmer for the colours to pop.
The Polish Well: BANG!
I look for you, oh-eh-oh (tonight), below that moonlight that illuminates me (such a beautiful night)I look for you oh-eh-oh-oh-oh I don’t know where the end is but (good night)
A deep plum jelly with gold, royal blue and purple shimmer-flecks. This was an accidental mix that came about because I was curious what I would get if I mixed all my shimmers together. I didn't go further than these three colours when I fell in love and abandoned my initial quest. I will toy with that again in future - though I suspect it may not look fantastic.
The Polish Well: BANG!
Hallelujah, I'm falling, I'm falling, fallingWithin those collapsed buildings (yeah)Hallelujah (yes) I'm falling (yes), I'm falling, falling
A mix of holo silver, gunmetal and lavendar glitters and with a smattering of purple shimmer falling within the depths of the black jelly. My very first color of the collection and one which I still love.
The Polish Well: BANG!
The winter's goneAnd the spring has comeWe've withered awayAnd our hearts are torn from the yesterdays(I'm singing the blue)I'm used to the tears, the doubt and the fears that hold me back, oh(I'm singing the blue)I hope you can see, I'm losin' my grip on you, oh oh
A slate gray with blue, green and silver shimmer. Inspired by the very first Big Bang song that I fell for. My sister had been playing Big Bang songs for ages but this was the very first that caught my attention. Unlikely most other korean songs that my sister played, this was unusually mellow and emotional. Till now, it is still one of my favorite songs by Big Bang so there was no way I could leave this song out. 
Phew. That was quite a whole lot of polishes, wasn't it? Now that you've seen them, which one(s) caught your eye?
As you might have noticed, I have temporarily placed my shop on hiatus and I am no longer taking any orders at the moment. Although I've enjoyed creating these new colours, I have yet to firm up any plans for my store so these polishes (together with the other colours) are not available for sale at the moment. I will post an update once I have a plan. 
So why am I showing these new colours to you, you ask? Well... apart from the fact that I couldn't wait to show you my creations, I've also decided to throw a small giveaway to celebrate my birthday this week! ^_^
The prize? The entire unreleased BANG! collection (minis) for one lucky winner!
The giveaway is open on this blog (details in the rafflecopter widget) and on Instagram (details on my IG post). All entries will be collated for the draw so you need not enter twice - duplicate entries will be deleted before the draw.
The usual rules apply so fire away!
Giveaway closes in a week's time on 18 August 2013 at 12am, SGT. Good luck!
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