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The Plumber and Other Stories.....

By Rubytuesday
It was yesterday evening I was at homeWatching tvMinding my own businessWhen my phone pinged a textI opened it think it might be my friend who I had texted shortly beforeI opened my messages And saw a number I didn't recognise With three simple words
How you Ruby?
My mind went blank for a moment As I tried to process the number And the words I ran through the possibilities in my hand My first thought was that it was The BoyIt could be He is prone to random texts out of the blue I wondered then if it was someone from the meetings But the other possibility Was that it was the plumber 
After about 15 minutesI finally worked up the courage to text backI simply said
Hey, who is this?
I went back to watching my show I didn't get my hopes upOr have any expectationsIn reality it could have been anyoneBut stillThere was still a little piece of me that hoped it was him 
The next few minutes dragged on forever I kept checking my phoneLooking for a replyA clue to who this mystery person wasFinally After about ten minutesMy phone pinged againSame number With the words 
'His name' I got your number off your neighbour, you Ruby?
OMG it was him!It was The Plumber!Holy shit!I legged it in to the kitchen Where my mom and sister wereThey demanded that I read out all the texts so farWhich I didMy sister told me to play it coolWhich I think was good adviceSo I sat down to replyAnd this is what I wrote
Oh hey, yea this is Ruby, my neighbor told me that she gave you my number, how you?
I tried to be casual but interestedNot too try hard but friendly And waited for a reply It came a few minutes later 
I'm good, I'll talk to you tomorrow 
I was a bit confused at this But decided not to text back So the ball is now in his courtAs my sister says I'll let him take the lead
But seriously people I have no idea what I am doing This is unchartered territory for me I haven't had a boyfriend in yearsIn a whole decadeI have no idea of the way it works nowAnd I'm not in to playing games I'm not into messing with people's headsI like people to be honestAnd straight forwardsAnd I try to be too
So what happens now?That's what I want to know I'm taking it from his last text that he is going to contact me todayProbably this evening As he will be working during the day But honestly My self esteem and confidence is not the best at the moment And heckIf I don't like or love myselfHow can I expect any one else toI kept saying to my Mum and sisterThat when he sees me up close He'll soon lose interestAnd he'll see what a loser I really am
My sisters advice Is good And she knows because she is alwAys dating someone She tells me to just be myself Maybe go for coffeeSee if we like each other And take it from thereSo that's what I will do But if you have any other advice Or words of wisdom I would really appreciate itIf we were lonely hearts It would probably read something like this...
Him: Tall, dark, hard worker, good with pipes
Her: Blonde, shy, GSOH, seeks man that must love dogs

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