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The Plumber

By Rubytuesday
Some of you noticed that I mentioned a new Boy in my last postSo I guess I better explain
Just so you knowThe new boy Who from here on in shall be known as The PlumberHas absolutely nothing to do The BoyWho is no longer part of my life
As you knowI have a neighbor who I do little jobs forI'm over in her house a few times a weekA couple of months ago She told me about her plumberAnd that he was a lovely guyAnd very attractiveI hadn't seen himSo I paid little attention to itBut then last weekHe was back at my neighbours houseHoney and Lea were out in the gardenBarking their heads offSo I went out to see what the commotion wasIt was The PlumberI apologised to himAnd brought the dogs inHe said not to worryI didn't get a proper look at himBut I did notice that he was tall and well built with dark hairI went back insideAnd didn't give it another thought
The following morningI was over in my neighbours houseChatting to my neighbourShe asked me if I had seen The plumber I said I'd had a quick look at himMy neighbor had a mischievous look on her faceAs she told me that she had done a little investigation workShe proceeded to tell me that she had asked this guy was marriedHe said he wasn't Or if he has a girlfriend He hasn't He then asked her what was with all the questionsShe told him that she was asking for a 'friend'I was mortified that she had done thisShe then told me that The Plumber said to her that he is approachableWhat does that mean people????
My neighbor was having a great laugh to herself telling me all of thisShe thought herself especially funny when she told me that he might let me 'hold his pliers'I want to say I was shocked when she said this But I wasn't She is always up to mischief
I left my neighboursAnd headed homeWhere I told my mom and sister what had happenedThey thought it was hilariousAnd got great mileage out of it slagging me offTelling me that he can 'fix my pipes' and the like ........Now everytime I put nice clothes onOr put make up onThey're all 'Is that for the Plumbr?'I wish I'd kept my mouth shut
AnywayThat's the story behind thatI'm not really looking for loveIf it happensWell and goodBut I  happy enough the way things areI mean I haven't even had a proper look at this guyI wouldn't be able to pick him out in a line upI guess it's of my neighbourBut I don't know if she's doing it for her own amuse  Or if she really is trying to set me upI am going to be so embarrassed if I see this guy againAs I'm pretty sure he will figure out who my neighbor was talking about
It's been so long since I had a boyfriendI mean it's almost been a decade since I was in a relationshipI guess I've been too busy trying to kill myselfI forget what it's like to be someone's girlfriend
I was speaking with my sister the other dayShe is a seriel monogomoustBouncing from relationship to relationshipShe tells me that she doesn't like being aloneWhere as I don't mind it so muchI mean I can't imagine sharing a bed with someone Having to turn off the light when they want toHaving them hog the duvetI have a double bedAnd I like to sleep diagonally across itSo there's not much room for anyone elseI suppose it's been so long since I've shared my life with someoneAnd you don't miss what you don't have
But I will keep my eye out for The Plumber.....

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