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The Pet Rock

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
The Pet RockIt's no secret that pet rocks are cheap to feed.  The fad of keeping decorated rocks seems to come and go... sometimes they have googly-eyes, shaggy hair dos, or bright painted stripes.  Whatever the characteristics of today's pet rocks, they still make rock-solid friends.
While walking beside the river near my parents' farm, Mimi and Lotti had a great time collecting odd-shaped and pretty coloured rocks.  Grandad found a particularly special one; it was small and round and had another paler rock poking out of the end just like a nose.  Voila; pet rock!
Simple and sweet, I was thrilled that Mimi took to her new friend.  It even seemed a step up from imaginary friends Africa and Bunny who usually hang around, but were apparently having a holiday of their own while we were away from home.  When it was time to leave we had to load our luggage with a dozen pet-rocks... I was sooo hoping the lady at the airport-checkout would ask; "wow, your bag's so heavy; what's in here, rocks?"
Back home Mimi went to play with her cousins and took the bag of pet rocks with her.  When she came back, each and every rock had a texta face on it.  I'm not sure why, but it made me feel queasy.  I love a pet rock, but for some reason, seeing all those perfect river rocks with childish smiley faces made me think 'vandalism.'  Am I totally alone on this one?  Let me know.
I've since calmed down enough (sort of) to write a blog-post on how to make a pet rock.
  1. Find a suitable rock whilst respecting private property and heritage listed National Parks!
  2. If it's dirty clean it with soapy water; pet rocks love a good bath as much as toddlers, but not at the same time if it's super dirty!
  3. Decorate your rock; I recommend a permanent laundry marker for a quick solution, you may have more time; let your own imagination soar.
  4. Name your rock with a suitable celebratory name such as (Rock) Hudson, Rocky, or RockAFella.
  5. Provide it with a nice place to sleep; I hear they're partial to bowls of potpourri, small handbags so they can travel with you, or decorated cardboard boxes... no rock music please.
  6. Encourage your friends to adopt pet rocks of their own; then you can all get together for a party!

If that's not surreal excitement enough; try a Salvador Dali downloadable craft project off my website.

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