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The Perpetual War...and the Perpetual Eludible Peace

Posted on the 31 July 2014 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Contrary to the belief that it's a good thing to continue a war, till one side, stops continuing to exist...there's no "Good War"...they, stop existing after WWII, as Studs Terkel elegantly wrote.
Ever since then, all we've had, are wars for profit...Ike warned us of the Military Industrial Complex, and Kennedy got suckered in. He realized it was a mistake, and decided to get out...but Dallas blocked those plans. How about under the table deals, involving the trade of Arms for Drugs...or giving WMD's and Chemical Weapons, to combat Iran and the Ayatollah. Still amazed, where the hell did Saddam ever hide whatever he had left...not counting what he used on the Kurds and the Shiites? And how about the Soviet Union? To every Russian, Afghanistan is 'their' Vietnam...the first time the staunchly proud Soviet Red Army, ever retreated from a battle. And who in the Mujahedin received an order of endless supplies of care packages, via FedEx/CIA next day air, to wipe out the Russkies? Osama what's his name!!...and you know his fate, too.
America is no Saint in the act of War and Politics...with that in mind, neither is anyone else...we're all sinners. We shouldn't get hysterical with the antics between the US, the United Nations, Russia, Israel, and the end, we're the ones with our blood pressure, up the roof...and 'they' don't give a shit!! What can we do? use the intellect God gave us, and find tangible working solutions that will inspire you're favorite politicos...the most basic way of citizens, exercising their voice...activism at its best.  
This is not an issue of Political Parties...Presidents, Administrations, both Republicans and Democrats...all are guilty!! But, what are 'you' going to do about it, right at this time? Good for a National Discourse, but it's not stopping the killings. As bad as it can get even worse. The GOP wants some sort of does the Military Industry Lobby. Again, all Political and Big $$$.
War is inhuman, a morally dishonorable act fought by honorable men..."Peace" is the only humane alternative, to the constant killing of generations after generations of families...reason has to eventually, win out...prey that's sooner, rather than later. But that's a big expectation!!
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