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The Perfect Red

By Mollyfergurson @mprettystylish
I'm not a big 'beauty' person. I have my own little makeup routine and I always kind of live by 'less is more' when it comes to beauty products. It seemed everywhere I turned this Fall, I was seeing a pop of color on the lips. One of my favorites was the Fall ad's for Kate Spade featuring Bryce Dallas Howard (love). After seeing a few of my fashionable friends in the office pull of this trend with ease, I decided to give it a try myself.
The Perfect Red
When I want to try a new beauty product or trend, there is only one woman I trust. Bobbi Brown
Bobbi and I used to share the same zip code (I only live 1 town away now) and I have always been a true believer in EVERYTHING she does. 
Last Saturday I took a little trip to her Montclair, NJ studio - one of my favorite places to go locally. I already knew I was picking up her new mineral makeup (love, by the way) and I mentioned to one of the makeup artists (Michael) I was nervous about trying the lipstick trend. My concern was, I am pale. By pale, I mean white as a ghost. I don't tan, only sunburn on occasion and constantly wear SPF. Would being the palest person on earth really make me a good candidate for this trend?
Michael said, YES! Immediately he applied Red #10 to my lips and before I could even get a look myself, everyone was raving about how amazing it was. I left a happy customer, but was hesitant to try again. I mean everything looks good when your around a bunch of people who truly love makeup right?
Monday morning I grabbed my Red #10, slicked some on my lips and went into my office. EVERYONE made comment. I heard everything from 'You look like you had a total makeover' to 'You have to keep wearing that color'. It was a success. Every time I put this color on, I feel like a million dollars.
Thank you Michael. And Thank you Bobbi.
The Perfect Red
The Perfect Red

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