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The Paradox of the Very High IQ Types

Posted on the 13 March 2014 by Calvinthedog

Lucas writes:

Yes, if you have a high IQ you should be able to figure out how to make money. I have an IQ of 168 and I only have a high school education but I make 120k. Most everything I know is self taught. School and me did not mix well since I am dyslexic. If a person is really smart then he/she should be able to figure out how to make money. Otherwise the person’s IQ may not be as accurate as he/she thinks.

Once again we deal with the absurd nonsense that a high IQ in the US a guarantee of riches and any high IQ person who is not rich must actually have a much lower IQ than they say they do.

Actually I recently read an article about very high IQ types from 160-180 IQ’s living in the US.

Many had not been successful, especially the men. Many were not married even late into life. Many were not even dating. Many were living alone. And quite a few were employed at menial jobs far below their intellect. Others were unemployed or lived off the welfare system. It was quite common for them to live alone.

Many were highly introverted and were described by the author as odd, strange or weird, sort of off in their own worlds. And many had become rather misanthropic because they thought the world was full of idiots. Quite a few were not very social and had even few males friends. Many could be described as loners. Their incomes were often low and some were even living in poverty. A number of them were living in small apartments in fairly run-down parts of large cities.

Unfortunately, this is quite a common outcome for the very high IQ types in our society. As IQ climbs higher and higher, people get more and more introverted, and they also tend to start getting a bit strange, odd, weird or “out there.”

The notion that high IQ folks can write their own ticket to riches has to be one of the most idiotic lies going around.

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