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The Pagan Manifesto

By Bethschreibmangehring

This is simply too good not to share. This lovely manifesto came across my Facebook page this morning. I don't know it's origins, but I do know it's truth. It resonates in the very marrow of my bones and has since I was just a wee girl. It cheers me mightily to see it presented not just in writing but as the loveliest art. As I read it, I am grateful to my mother and who gave me the permission and the courage from a very early age to be different. I come from a long line of very uppity magical women. I write this morning in honor of those in spirit who unseen by most still walk by my side.

In the midst of these strange days where in this United States we are facing a populace who still believe church and state should not be separated, I am thrilled to see the pagan community standing up and speaking their truths. We have allowed ourselves to be defined by fear of persecution way longer than we ever should have and in giving any credibility to that fear have stuffed our spirits painfully into one little corner of the world. To be sure there are those who try in the name of of witchcraft to manipulate, control or destroy.. We do not honor them nor welcome them into our world . We believe that whatever we put into the world will come back to us by way of I spend my time sending love, not hurt. Harm none. It has been that way for centuries.

We are not Satanists..Satan is a Christian deity, born of a time when the church desired to control anyone who dared speak against it , tithe to it or even simply refuse to honor it or practice it's precepts. We do not even conceive nor honor such a perverted , twisted concept. We harm none. We love this Earth and all it's inhabitants.

We honor your desire to love who you love, believe as you believe and live peacefully and with gratitude for this shared life on this beautiful planet all the while knowing that our most important responsibility is to care for her and ALL of her children... two or four legged, winged , gilled or green.

So mote it be.....

The Pagan Manifesto

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