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The Other Side Of The Computer

Posted on the 10 August 2012 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

I have been in the other side of the computer for such a long time and I still will be for the next two years. It all started when I got a laptop for my 21st birthday. Well, I am not proud of the fact that I had my parents buy it for me.

There are several turns of events that happened afterwards. The side that I visualized from my computer was and is greener than the present that I have incorporated. So, before every break, I always kept looking forward to the place and people who were in the other side of the computer.

So eventually I slowly stared to understand my computer, I kept it clean, got mad when I could not connect with the other side and eventually it became my baby. One valentine’s days, I even declared that it was my true valentines after all. So things were so exciting, new laptop, new uses and new faces, news, stories, videos and more but at the end of it all it was always about how beautiful and wonderful the other side of the computer was.

I have been an habitual internet user for the past ten years and over the years, I have come to realize that the other side is always better than the life that I have created in the same location.

Why is that? Social media has changed the way that I had interpreted life.  There was a certain point in my life when I had to share every details of my life with friends and family, to create a buzz .I actually shared only the most happy or kind of happy moments of my life and I had no space for the sad and downtrodden moments of life. Friends who shared happy moments were someone to look forward. Also, friends who were not med students were more interesting than the counter parts.

So what happens when you do that is, you accumulate all the negative energy in your life and convert it to a conversation with a friend or you either burst in the middle of an event and you lose your balance in the social circuit.

“You don’t need friends, when you have social networking with 700 plus people.” Statements like that are randomly given by people who fail to understand the vicious cycle that social media does for one. What happens in reality, you will have a friend, best friend, and she is not in any social media sites at all.

So when does it start? Was it the initial stages of my computer use or after I got into the vicious cycle of social media. It’s an abnormal addiction; the thrill to post most amazing moments in one’s life is one of its kinds. At the same time, friends and family from different parts of the world, share their appreciation or dislike towards something that you post, has made social media more lucrative.

Med students in particular are the ones that are dominating the social media the most, from their mobiles at-least. It’s either the fact that studying all day and night for the next six months makes you the rightfully user of social media or they just like being in touch with their friends that often even when the exams are near ( nope, this aint happening).

So, you create a social propaganda. Random happy status updates or idiotic ones are just the ways of how one tries to justifying themselves in the crowd of social media. “Stay in it, with professionalism or personal details, but do make an appearance every single day for the rest of your lives”, that’s the tagline for social media users.

Use it or abuse it, it’s up to you but get it into senses that the other side of the computer, may not be the most beautiful thing that you have seen till now and the present that you create with the people who are there in your life are more valuable than the people who you constantly check upon (exception are parents).

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