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The Oscars A La Katherine

By Katherine @pbrunnerblog

Since the Oscar's are literally going on as I type, I've decided it's the perfect time for me to share with you my favorite Oscar dresses. Personally, I think there should be an Oscar based on dresses, but then again that's just me. Any who, here I go. 
Audrey Hepburn - 50 Best Oscar Dresses - Marie Claire
Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchy in 1954. Need I say more?
The Oscars A La Katherine
Sticking with the theme of past women who show timeless elegance, here is Elizabeth Taylor. Her dress is so old fashion and beautiful. I swear I was born in the wrong era.
The Oscars A La Katherine.
The Oscars A La Katherine
Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon aren't nearly as fashionable as a Hepburn or Taylor, but they come in close seconds at the 2009 and 2011 Oscars.
The Oscars A La Katherine
Besides the fact that this is the dress of a 2010 Oscar Winner for Best Actress (Blind Side), this dress is also a pretty stellar overall dress. Oh, and I may just love Sandra Bullock. Woops.
The Oscars A La Katherine
I can't even believe this is Cameron Diaz. She's dressed so much like old Hollywood. Love.
The Oscars A La Katherine
Last but not least, Grace Kelly. If she wasn't included, this whole post would be a lie. I may or may not have this picture hanging in my room. Audrey Hepburn's in the background as well which gives this picture major bonus points. 
AMY ADAMS photo | Amy Adams
Andddd... my favorite from this year's Oscars is Amy Adams. Yes I thought at least a dozen other dresses were worthy of mention, but this was the one I always ended up coming back to. Who doesn't like the princess look? 
I hope you enjoy the rest of the Oscars! Anne Hathaway just won, oh my. Now that you've read about my unimportant musings, go back and watch! Happy Sunday!

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