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The Odyssey is Taking Over My Life and Other Confessions of a Student-teacher

By Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

Well, normally Wednesday is the day I show you how much fabulous progress I’ve done on my cross stitch progress.  Sadly, this week there is nothing to show so I won’t put up the same picture from last week and pretend I did something (although I was tempted).  This week I have been working on my massive 10-day-unit plan for my 3rd round of student teaching.  I did finally get it finished today (Yay! Applause!) so all that’s left is to make copies of worksheets and wait for the teens to turn on me the second I hand out a quiz.  Fun things ahead.

I’m hoping to get caught up on my xstitch over spring break (just three days away…oh for it to be Friday already…) so look forward to some new pictures next week.  Once this unit is out of the way I’ll start getting my life back and should have a few hours each day to work on my project.  These units are over-prepared because they’re both for teaching and for class, so they require about 3 times the effort a normal teaching would need to put into a unit plan.  Which is still a massive amount of work.  Not to mention all the grading…  But I really do love this.  I guess you have to.  Especially with teenagers…

Anyway, since my life is being taken over by The Odyssey (which I’ve written so much today no longer looks like a word…I spelled it right, right?) I have a cute, cheesy, Odyssey music video to share which I fully intended on showing to my students.  Openly mocking is okay (although  I probably won’t give that option to my teens). And if you’ve been reading this post thinking ‘I’ve never read the Odyssey I feel so unaccomplished’ the nice music video will tell you everything you’v ever needed to know.  Or you could go watch an old Wishbone episode.  That’s what I did… Enjoy!

(I would like to openly apologize for anyone who thinks Beetles music should not be used in cheesy parodies of classic literature.  I didn’t have anything to do with it…)

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