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The Night Barak Was Elected President

Posted on the 18 July 2014 by Calvinthedog

Stealth writes:

As I stated above, Obama is a hood ornament who was elected because he was the first black candidate to come along who wasn’t a complete joke, a woman, or both. He’s also the worst sort of self-worshiping narcissist. I’m sure that only added to his appeal in the minds of the average rich or upper-middle class liberals. He would be just as bad as Bush or maybe even worse.

I guess I am a classic case. I would have voted for him anyway of course, but the fact that he was Black held extra appeal (also that he was not a nutty Black – instead he was a rather ordinary Black).

I was at a doctor’s office at 8 PM the night he won. The TV was on in the doctor’s office. My Mom called me and said, “It’s over! All of Chicago is marching to the park!” And on TV, all those people were already marching to the park in Chicago even though the election was not formally over. They were holding candles and singing. Spike Lee (a radical Black I do not like much) was on TV, marching to the park, giddy like you’ve never seen him, and he was saying, “Wow! This changes everything!” He was happy for once instead of angry like he always is. That made me feel really good to hear him say that.

And that whole city getting up off their couches and marching to the park – wow! It was breathtaking, like you were a part of history. There were some Black people in the doctor’s office, and they were getting emotional, and I found myself actually getting choked up like I wanted to cry. There was this little Black girl next to me. I looked at her and pointed to the TV and asked her, “Do you like Barak?” She nodded her head in that shy and cute way kids have. I looked over at her parents, and they were beaming at me.

I have to admit that for a liberal, it sure felt great. It was like our day in the sun.

From the 1960′s to the election of Barak, it seemed like the culmination of a movement.

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