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The NFL's CBA Final Hours

By Mixtapekid45

Picture of an NFL LockoutAs the Clock looms on the NFL and NFLPA many are wondering if a deal will be signed including myself. They recently just started using a mediator and that really has not helped at all. 
Whats funny is the way the owners have been acting for three years renegotiating contracts with five networks to include lockout clauses and putting lockout provisions into coaches contracts.
They are almost playing with a philosophy that even if the season is canceled. Than they still win in a way because the players will be forced to expect a reduced share of the NFL's revenue.
How the Players have responded to this is to decertifie which allows them to become individuals opposed to a union. Which makes me wonder why they haven't done this before. Because now this give them some great leverage. Now with this in place they can file an antitrust suit and ask for an injunction. 
Because at the end of the day the NFL really is a monopoly, it is the best in the world their is the UFL, and CFL but. They are no competition to the NFL with its revenues and fans. We will see how the finals hours of this pan out, but right now it looks bad for both sides. 
***credit to predominantly orange for the photo 

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