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The New Moon in Capricorn on 13th January 2021 - Inner Change, Before Outer Development.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

The New Moon in Capricorn on 13th January 2021 - Inner change, before outer development.

Well what can you say? It's been a wild start to the new year, and now we come upon a New Moon in Capricorn that looks at first glance looks rather challenging. As you will know, New Moons are all about new beginnings, and the New Moon in Capricorn will look at the structure of our life, the responsibilities we have and the way we organise ourselves. Of course, in the past year I would imagine that this part of your life will have been turned completely upside down as the rampaging virus Covid-19 swept across the world and changed all of our futures forever. Even before I get into the details of this New Moon, it doesn't take much imagination to work out that the role of this New Moon will be to try and sort out what is functioning in our life, what our priorities are, how we should go about things, and how to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in.

The New Moon in Capricorn on 13th January 2021 - Inner change, before outer development.

Now the big signature of this New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn is that it is closely conjunct to the planet Pluto. Right from the start, you know we're going to go and get deep here. This New Moon is all about inwardly changing the structure of something in our life, so that it can serve a better purpose for us. It is likely that we will want to have more control and influence over something important, or we might have to change and transform something that has been holding his back for a while. Now whenever you make some sort of change, it may possibly have an effect over someone else and it is likely that you may be on the end of some resistance. This could be personal resistance, as in we know in our hearts that a different approach is required, but we fear the consequences of doing just that. If the required structural change is more open and public in nature, then you might run into severe opposition through those who want to keep the status quo. The nature of Pluto is not to go quietly but to fight for survival, and we may have to face an onslaught, either personally or in a more physical or psychological way, before we are able to initiate a new beginning. Whichever way you want to approach things, you will have to go into a tough battle, before you finally achieve your goal. On a really deep level, this New Moon is all about soul development, changing your inner being to be ready for new growth once we are ready to move on.

Around this very powerful New Moon picture, a celestial argument will be going on. In the heavens above us, we will find Mercury Jupiter and Saturn squaring off with Mars and Uranus in the sign of Taurus. There is a lot of tension here. Mercury and Jupiter have big expansive ideas for the future, but Saturn is putting the brakes on these for the moment at least. Mars and Uranus closing in to form a highly volatile conjunction in Taurus, will if anything try to hasten a re-invention of what we've got used to, and yet Saturn in its close square to Mars will be restricting our options to do that as well. You can see all of the energy here is ready to burst forward and to launch off off in a brand new direction, but Saturn seems to be holding everything up. Why? My premise is that before we can can make how to changes in our lives, we will have to make the inner ones first, and that seems to be the message that this Capricorn New Moon is giving out. Consider this. How can we we be prepared to accept outer change, unless we have prepared the ground work in advance? You don't build the house without having solid foundations, otherwise it'll collapse. Saturn in Aquarius will help us construct a new future, but it won't let us cut corners either. Do the job well, or don't do it at all will be Saturn's message.

Venus moving in Capricorn is making two sets of aspects. The trine to Mars and Uranus is very materialistic and there is a desire and a want to work, to achieve new goals, to meet new people, to make money and do business. There is a lot of opportunities and energy through these trines, and we will definitely be impatient to get on with things now, but Venus also makes a very close partile square aspect to the planet Chiron moving in the sign of Aries, and here is pain and frustration that we are not able to get things done, as highlighted by the Mars Saturn square. We may be losing money rather than making it, and not developing the contacts that will aid our recovery so that we can relieve the hurt. Again, the key to unlock the door of our lives will be to go back to that New Moon in Capricorn and hasten the transformations that it urges us to make, so that we can actually get on with the job of building, making, creating and relating.

Neptune square to the Lunar Nodes still brings a lot of inconsistency, confusion, chaos, sacrifices and suffering that is still to come, and there is nothing we can do to stop this. Neptune is undermining all of our our lives at the moment, nothing is clear or transparent, and I suppose the best way that I can put it is that we are still living in the spin zone, and will be at least until spring time, when at last I think we will start to to gain some insight into what has actually been going on. Clarity will eventually come, but not yet.

I think this New Moon is telling us that we are not quite ready for the next chapter, and we may have to conquer some inner demons or outer pressure, before we will be released from the shackles that are holding us back. Don't be afraid of taking control in your own life and don't be afraid of making some really tough decisions either. Put your needs first, attend to the elephant in the room that you've probably been afraid of taking on, and when you've done that, the planets, recognising the effort that you've made, will finally allow you to progress and to grow.

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