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The New Chook Food Shed Gets a Garden

By Scarecrow
The New Chook Food Shed Gets a GardenFruiting bushes, herbs and flowering plants (and strawberries) have gone in around the new Chook Food Shed. Other areas are being prepared for some new bare rooted fruit trees to be planted in winter and a couple of others moved from other areas of the garden.
Seeds Sown:
No seeds sown

Potting On:
Onions White
Planting Out:
Blue Daisy Felicia amelloides variegata
Corn Salad
Forest Flame Acmena smithii
Lettuce Salad Mix
Salad Burnet
Society Garlic (plain and variegated)
Spinach English Medania
Spinach Gallilee
Spinach Matador
Strawberry Guava
Cuttings taken:
Blue Daisy Felicia amelloides variegata
White Lavender
Rescued Self Sown seedlings:
Clary Sage
Cat Mint

The New Chook Food Shed Gets a GardenI have found a temporary solution to the problem of all the pots of cuttings...a sunny spot near the water tank under the protection (from frost) of the Carob tree. More cuttings will be potted up next week.  I also found room for another small raised bed for some winter greens to be planted out. The seedling stand has been moved there too for more sunshine.
The next lot of propagation will be Seeds of Root crops  which can be sown on the 18th and 19th of May.
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