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The Naked Truth: Portland Man Protests TSA

Posted on the 21 April 2012 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl
A TSA officer screens a piece of luggage.

A TSA officer screens a piece of luggage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Portland Oregon is famously known for its “weird” eccentric activist population. Oregonians ride through the city naked to protest oil dependency ~proudly displaying their “business” to fight “big business”. Now, a frequent participant in the annual “World Naked Bike Ride”, John E. Brennan is showing his penis for privacy; stripping down to nothing but his pubic hair to protest TSA security practices. Brennan was scheduled to board a flight to San José April 17 when TSA agents at Portland International Airport pulled him to the side for a secondary search ~ peeved, Brennan shed his attire to prove he wasn’t concealing a bomb.

   Brennan was instructed repeatedly to put his clothes back on; however, he refused in protest and was arrested. The Oregon man was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Indecent Exposure and housed at Multnomah County Jail. Brennan was arraigned Wednesday April 18 where the disorderly conduct charge was dismissed. Reports paint a picture of parents shielding the sight of their young, and onlookers pointing, laughing, all the while snapping photos and videos. The story has made national news, YouTube, and Social Networks ~many feeling the plight of this frequent flyer.

   We all long for the days when airport security didn’t “feel” us up, administer radiation via body scanning equipment, riffle through personal belongings, or treat our children like suicide bombers. The fact remains however, it is a necessary evil. The tragic events of 9/11 proved there is no friendly sky ~no such thing as safe flight! I am certain those who perished on 9/11 wish there would’ve been more effective airport security! Maybe if those bitching, neighing, and protesting with their pecker hanging out would just shut the hell up and move through the line, things at airport security would move more efficiently and effectively! Furthermore, screw your privacy!!!! I will take safety over your privacy any day. Almost 3,000 people died on 9/ 11 due to lack of such procedures. What’s more, Mr. Brennan should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, in hopes others will not emulate this inappropriate behavior.  

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