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The Naked Truth About Frizz

By Echocanyon @echo_canyon

The Naked Truth About Frizz

What is frizz?

Frizz is a beneficial character of the hair that not only helps you decide what products to use, but also tells you when your hair is dehydrated. It warns you when you need to lay off the hair dryer or straighteners for a while, and thanks you by being more cooperative when your hair's needs have been fulfilled.

The main thing to remember when taking care of afro or very curly hair is that no two textures are the same, and frizz is a normal characteristics of afro hair types. It is important that you learn to put the health of your own unique hair texture at the forefront of your mind and remove any ideas of what the perfect hair or the perfect curls look like.

Four Frizz Taming Tips:

1. Water

Afro hair is very porous and loves water as this is the main ingredient that gives it moisture. If your hair is lacking moisture try letting your hair air dry more often, allowing it to absorb the water. You can do this after a fresh wash, or by spritzing your curl with water. Seal the moisture in by using a small amount of oil such as Almond, Argan or Coconut Oil.

2. Protective Styling

Wind and sun can wreak havoc on dryer hair types. A good way to combat bad weather is to wear your hair in protective hairstyles such as twists or braids. This gives your hair a break from the elements whilst also promoting healthy hair growth.

3. Check The Ingredients

Most hair products on the market, including those which claim to combat frizz, contain Silicone (check the ingredients at the back for any word ending in 'cone') and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. I will do a separate post that goes into more detail about what those two ingredients are but in a nut shell they do not combat frizz, and do not tackle the underlying issue. Go to your local wholefoods shop and buy your shampoos and conditioners there. They are usually much higher in quality and contain beneficial natural ingredients which can help nourish you hair thus making them much better value for money. I recommend a brand called Faith In Nature which you can also buy in Oxfam.

4. Don't Fight It

I know sometimes that frizz can be frustrating and sometimes difficult to work with but remember that it is normal and there is actually nothing wrong with a bit of frizz here and there. It gives curls and afros that fluffiness which makes it look soft and touchable.
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